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The Display Case #17: Scrapping The History Of The Isles...

August 12, 2013, 10:59 AM ET [0 Comments]
Shawn Gates
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The thing I love about a column like this is that it continually affords me the opportunity to peek into a hugely varied assortment of memorabilia that I wouldn't otherwise have access to. Secondary to this is the fact that us viewers of these exhibits broaden our outlook into what constitutes a piece of memorabilia. We've been able to look at many pieces typically labelled in this manner, such as autographs and game used equipment, while other displays have been more non-traditional, such as team front office furniture.

Regardless of which category they have fallen into, one of the unifying features of all the submissions is that they come with a great story attached to them. These tales either speak to the item itself, the circumstances under which it was obtained, or to the extent of the fandom of the collector themselves.

It is with the latter in mind that I present the latest submission, coming our way from Meredith Vogel, who shares not one single piece of memorabilia, but rather a collection of items that speak to her love of her team and her longstanding link to some of the major events she remembers sharing with them as she grew up...

Hi Shawn,

My name is Meredith and I am a lifelong Islanders fan. It is quite unusual in my opinion to encounter a girl like me - on the outside I appear rather girly girl, yet on the inside I am blue and orange with hockey knowledge beyond most men (specifically Islanders knowledge).

Now 34, I am raising my son as a single mother in my footsteps. He lives and breathes Islanders and I pride myself on teaching him everything about the Dynasty years and everything in between.

You can actually learn more about me over at my healthy living blog, The Cookie ChRUNicles. (http://www.thecookiechrunicles.com)

I came across your post asking for anyone that has memorabilia to share. My father and I were big collectors and at first thought, I could not decide which piece to mention to you.

I realized I have the perfect thing - that no one has...because I created this memorabilia myself.

As a young girl, I began scrapbooking all of my Islanders memories. Those memories chronicled the late 80's through first half of the 90's.

Ticket stubs (I was a season ticket holder for years) autographs and all Newsday back covers and articles. Two scrapbooks later, you can browse through and see, in order, the 1990 playoffs as well as the 93 season and a bunch of other highlights.

I am quite proud of the young girl that I was, to know how to savor all of these moments so perfectly so I could have them today.

Nothing brings me more joy than to share these memories with my son, his friends and look back on them myself.

And bringing my son to the playoffs last spring? Priceless! (just had to throw that in here).

Love it Meredith! That's a fantastic collection of history and memories that any hockey fan, especially one of the Islanders, would truly appreciate! Thanks a lot for sharing!


Do you have a piece of treasured memorabilia that has a great story behind it? Let me know and you can be featured in an article. Doesn't matter how big or small the piece is, how valuable it may be, or whether it's a common item or more oddball. If you think it has a story, contact me via the information below and we'll chat. In the meantime, check out some previous "Display Case" articles via the links below to see what others have submitted in the past...


Shawn Gates

[email protected]

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