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For the Habs Fans Who Use Twitter

January 19, 2019, 11:18 AM ET [1 Comments]
Karine Hains
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Habs Twitter can often be highly annoying, there are the haters who would trade everyone and their mother if they could, the ones that present their very own conspiracy theories but there are also those who endeavour to have good and meaningful interaction between fans. To me, [email protected] falls in the latest category. He's often got valid points and he can argue them in an articulate manner in French as well as in English.

It's not all about shoving his own opinions down others throat though, and on the 15th of January, he came up with an interesting idea. He's now conducting a poll every day to try and identify which move was Bergevin's best since the beginning of his tenure with the Canadiens. Since then, we've seen the following;

- Julien's hire win over the Andrew Shaw trade (70%-30%);
- Niemi's waiver claim triumph over the Deslauriers trade (79% - 21%);
- The Petry trade dominated the Drouin trade (87%-13%);
- And the current one, Byron waiver claim stands at 48% while the Danault trade is at 52% with about 3 hours to go.

There are still 4 other first round choices to be made and it's a fan exercise to make you think about what the GM has done so far. Of course some of the early ones were pretty much a landslide but as we go deeper in the process, it will get harder and more interesting.

Twitter is also the land of the never-ending meme, yesterday I mentioned the "What Lady" and it made me wonder if people knew who she was and why she reacted as she did. In case you've been on Mars since the draft, this is the lady I'm referring to:

Straight on draft day, a lot of fans were asking themselves the following:

Well, turns out the What Lady is Janie McKim from Lockport, Louisiana in the USA and both her and her husband are pretty big fans. Fans enough to be on the Montreal Canadiens' season ticket waiting list. If you recall last season, when the NHL released the 2018 Draft Prospect Rankings at midterm, Andrei Svechnikov was first in the North American Skaters while Filip Zadina was second followed by Brady Tkachuk. Pretty early on, the media started to closely follow the top prospects since it was clear that the Canadiens season was going to amount to nothing else than a good draft pick. Many fans seem to set their sights on Zadina, he was at the second rank and since he played in the LHJMQ, many had seen him play.

Of course, not everyone always agreed there were some Brady Tkatchuk fans out there but others had had enough of Marc Bergevin trying to go for grit and toughness rather than skills and just didn't want to hear about that option. Meanwhile, Kotkaniemi was ranked just 9th amongst the European skater then. That being said, as the months passed, Tkatchuk overtook Zadina (who had a rough combine let's face it) and Kotkaniemi made it to 6th spot in the European skaters category. On Twitter, Brian Wilde didn't go a day without saying that Kotkaniemi should be the Habs pick given the organization's needs at centre... But not everyone scans the different media outputs daily and to the What Lady, Kotkaniemi's selection came as a surprise. Both her and her husband were expecting and hoping to hear Montreal call Zadina's name.

Another question that has made the round is the following:

I checked with her husband who's actually a fellow Club 1909 member (that's how I came to know him, very nice guy btw! He was meant to attend a game in Montreal the year before last but his work plans changed and he couldn't so he gave me the tickets - Habs vs Bruins as well!) and turns out that Janie now absolutely loves the Canadiens' youngster and has no more issues with him being drafted. In fact, she nows get annoyed at her husband for not trusting Marc Bergevin enough according to him.

Tonight the Habs will take the ice against the Flyers at 19:00, we should know a little before then if Price or Niemi will be manning the nets.
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