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Sabres Score As They Lock Up Luukknonen And Seem To Look Fiscally Savvy?

July 25, 2024, 2:45 AM ET [2 Comments]
Brad Lohr
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Been too long since I wrote and I am sorry about that. When nothing is really happening, it is hard to be enthusiastic about the quiet in the air as we wait for final roster manifestation, and if anything new will drop our jaws and leave us speechless. Been on the road a little, I don’t like feeling forced to be inspired. I love the fact that all of you keep pressing on issues that are underlying throughout the NHL. I have jumped into some of the recent comments, picking portions of the endless trail. I am intrigued at some of your comments regarding your culinary expertise at the grill or smoker. The sensitive side of me made a real delicious non mayonnaise potato salad the other day, and the masculine portion of my soul broke out a jalapeno cheddar burger that would knock your skates off. It is time to relax and enjoy the downtime.

Here it is, the groove slightly transformed, just a little break from the norm. Summertime.

Then we get the news that our team finally committed to a goaltending prospect that they have groomed, to a long-term deal that doesn’t seem to me to be outlandish. It looks like UPL and the Sabres are on the same page as they avoided arbitration. We have someone in the fold that just might be a top end talent with a superior prospect in the pipeline as well. We didn’t go Dipietro, or pay the foolish Carey Price. I have to admit that this deal doesn’t disappoint me. While I understand that the dollar amount is higher than most fans would have liked, the term gives us some control. I am not sure about any movement clauses, but if we avoided any of that nonsense then we are in a great position. Congratulations to our locked-up goaltender for sticking with it, and solidifying an NHL job. I think we all look forward to seeing where this goes.

Fast forward to the recent acquisitions to our bottom six. This could be an indemnification for miscalculated mistakes of the past. For once we have hungry guys who have speed and are physical. Without seeing them perform as of yet, I hope they are the kind of boys who will come to your barbeque, and push Joey Chestnut out of the way, while they rip the ribs out of your kids’ hands. Finally, we are not handing overpriced contracts to dead weight out of loyalty. For once our structure has created competition and we have found some bodies that might be willing to push night in and night out to earn respect. The recent signing of Beck Malenstyn for two years at 1.35 per is what we should be throwing out there. Mcleod at 2.1, Lafferty coming at 2.0, and Aube Kubel at 1.5 rounding out the new faces. Put it into perspective, Greenway is taking in 3.0 and it is almost an impossibility that he is more impactful than the guys who are for the first time looking at our crest on their chest. No more Kyle or Zemgus eating up unnecessary cap space. I am not saying that I didn’t appreciate their perseverance and assumed dedication, but let’s face it, they are replaceable with comparable blood that might have more of an upside. I am actually proud of our organization for giving us a new look and challenging our mentality of failure with something different that might lift our spirits. It was time for change, perhaps we will be getting some long overdue fresh fist pumps with the crowd cheering let’s go Buffalo.

It makes you think that we just might not be done yet. I know I have criticized Adams, but with the addition of the unknown ceiling that Ruff could bring, we seem to be in a spot with leverage. I understand the cloudy horizon when it comes to Quinn and Peterka, but with nine million or so left in the tank there are many things that could change if we don’t get off to a good start.

Assuming that Zucker finds his way into our top six and we do not get hit with any injury bugs, I am very curious as to where Peyton Krebs fits into the overall plans as we await a decision as to what he is worth. I am just doing simple math with all that has been brought in, as well as what we have waiting in the wings.

Things are finally starting to heat up and I am encouraged to see what transforms from the concerted effort to alter our identity.

Is the Buffalo Herd ready to stampede? Will Terry and Kevin have the last laugh as they feed each other grapes?

I love this team and this town. It is time for this whole thing to come together or a major restructuring at the top has to occur.


Brad Lohr
Aka: Lumberhacks
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