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Kane, Toews, and Jones Speak

September 25, 2022, 2:32 AM ET [1 Comments]
Zach Jarom
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Training camp is open, which means the players once again will be forced to talk to the media. When you are a rebuilding team like Chicago, that means one thing is on every reporters mind, when will Kane and Toews request their trades? We got an early taste of this last season when Hagel got dealt at the trade deadline and it continued at the draft when the Cat and Dach got moved. For many outside of Chicago none of this makes sense and even for us who love this team are left a little puzzled.

But back to the main question here, when will Toews and Kane request their trade? Well, first media availability in the books and both players gave your text book answers. “There hasn’t been much discussion about anything, even with my agent or my parents or my family. We all know the situation what could potentially happen. It’s not really anything I’m thinking about as of yet. So we’ll see how it all plays out.” Kane told reports and Toews comments echoed when he said, “I don’t think anything’s gotten to that point, or even close to it. I don’t think it will for quite some time this season. The thought for myself personally has always been to keep trudging forward and getting better.”

Now, with that being said, you can’t really buy into it too much. Hockey players are known for their ability to be team players, say the right things, and not stir the pot too much. However, what I did like about their comments was when it came to talking about the trades that have already happened. They made it clear how much the off season moves disappointed them. Kane said losing DeBrincat was crushing as he was one of his best friends off the ice and the chemistry they had developed would be hard to recreate. Toews was disappointed, losing two players who they knew and were coming into their own, and that now you’re left with nothing for the next few years.

While Kane and Toews are the main attractions heading into this season, Seth Jones is also a major piece that was definitely blindsided by the rebuild. Jones was Bowmans last major trade and signing, giving the defensemen an 8 year, 76 million dollar contract. Speaking to the media, he stated he has no regrets signing with Chicago and he sees this as an opportunity to become a better player. Looking at this roster, it's safe to say he will get plenty of ice time to achieve just that.

There are going to be lots of rumors surrounding this team over the next 5 months leading to the trade deadline and if you focus on every little rumor you will go insane. My advice for you all, don’t pay any attention to them (at least not till January) and just enjoy the time we have left with 19 and 88.

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