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Who Will Blink? How Many Holdouts are We Heading For? Wed's Buzz

June 26, 2019, 11:44 AM ET [27 Comments]
When it comes to the RFAs, we need someone to blink... The longer this goes, the more likely we are looking at holdouts, and right now it clear that no one is in a hurry to get a deal done because no one wants to be the one who sets the number for a quality RFA in 2019.

Up front, the number could be set by any of Marner, Aho, Point, Laine or Rantanen...Currently, the Avalanche only have 4 forwards locked up for this season....so there is a feeling that Rantanen could be the first to sign.

On defense, the big three are Provorov, McAvoy, and Werenski. How does that play out? Columbus has the most cap space and Werenski is a vital player....

So why aren't these guys signing?

The answer is pretty simple and best given in the form of a question.....Are these, still young stars, really worth $10 Million plus per year for 8 years?

Right now, that is where they are and right now the teams are at least 2M less.

The term 'bridge deal" is becoming a 4 letter word....and yet that may be where this all is heading, and yet then the UFA status could kick in...and everyone is afraid of that.

Offer sheets? No. Not among the top guys.

These guys are too young to be putting huge offer sheets together....At this point, most of the GMs are saying, "We will match any offer sheet presented." Only Dubas has come out and said they may not match an offer sheet for Marner if the offer is too ridiculous...

So where are we heading?

Holdouts feel inevitable....the only question may be...How many will holdout, and how long?

What are your thoughts?

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