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25 Days Until Deadline! A New Favorite for Patrick Kane? Mon's Buzz

February 6, 2023, 4:38 PM ET [6 Comments]
Start here today…

Well, the All-Star Game, that few of you understand or care about, is over. And that triggers the super fun time of the year around here…The Countdown to the DEADLINE has begun. Only 25 days are left until March 3rd is upon us!

Vegas and Patrick Kane.

The closest thing we have to a classic “Ed Snider” type owner in the NHL is probably Bill Foley and the Mallory family out in Vegas. These are the kinds of owners e very fan of a sports team should be willing to do anything to have as their owner. Guys who have made their money and simply want to WIN NOW.

It can make for some swings, with larger triumphs and larger problems to deal with, but it is never NOT fun or interesting. And it’s ALWAYS hopeful.

Mark’s Stone’s injury appears serious enough to keep him out the rest of the regular season, and that means LTIR comes into play and suddenly….an expiring contract like Patrick Kane’s becomes extremely interesting in Vegas.

No matter what is being said in public, I’ve been assured that they are very much looking into it…Imagine Kane, a playoff powerhouse, on that team, with a healthy Mark Stone returning for the playoffs?

More to come.

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