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Who is Eklund?

Eklund is the main writer and founder of Hockeybuzz.com.

There has been much written about Eklund on the internet. Eklund is an anonymous pseudonym. He exploded onto the hockey scene during the NHL lockout when he created a blog at www.hockeyrumors.blogspot.com which was considered one of the prime sources for insider news and rumors regarding the ongoing labor negotiations. He has since appeared on dozens of radio and TV shows in cities across North America including the Jim Rome Show, Fan590 in Toronto, Team1200 in Ottawa, Team900 in Montreal, and Fan960 in Calgary.

Why does Eklund remain anonymous?

Besides it making for a more interesting and intriguing website, Eklund wishes to remain anonymous for many practical factors. Some are personal and some are related to the business of trying to get the best hockey rumors from anonymous sources who can only give information if they are fully protected. Eklund's anonymity acts as an extra layer and helps shield them thus enabling them to speak more freely.

How does Eklund get his rumors?

Eklund has an ever growing list of contacts in the hockey world. What started as a few key sources during the lockout Eklund's relationships have spread to virtually every major hockey city at all levels of the sport from players, to coaches, to GMs, to owners, to other media members, to executives and player agents. Eklund works tirelessly in an attempt to find the most up-to-the-second information from within the hockey world. He believes in reporting any significant discussion he hears in regard to player movement no matter how minor or how realistic it is in his own opinion. If the information is coming from a strong source with a solid history of good information Eklund will post it because believes that half the fun of sports is discussing whether or not all of the armchair GMs out there should make the move.

Do you ban people for disagreeing with Eklund?

At Hockeybuzz we encourage dissenting opinions, but will not tolerate disrespect of any kind. You can say you feel that a trade rumor is ridiculous and would never happen and give as many reasons you like and you will never be banned. Eklund himself doesn't think many of the deals discussed by GMs makes sense, and yet he will report on the talks if he knows they are happening. You WILL get banned for simply calling Eklund a fraud or fake, or for using the website to promote your own site without permission.

What is the E-System (e1, e2, e3, etc.)?

The E-System was devised with the intelligent hockey fan in mind as a way for Eklund to give subtle clues to rumors that are posted, as well as to gauge the likelihood of a rumor turning into an actual trade or free agent signing.

E1 - This is a rumor that comes from a single reliable source not in any way directly connected to the players or teams involved.
E2 - This rumor is simply more than one reliable sources not in any way directly connected to the players or teams involved and not connected to each other. It does not have to equate to two E1's. It could be several E1's.
E3 - This rumor comes from a single source with ties somehow to the players or teams involved.
E4 - This rumor comes from more than one source with ties to the players or teams involved.
E5 - This rumor comes from source telling Eklund the deal is 100% done and just has not been announced yet.

How can you charge for rumors?

Hockeybuzz.com does not charge for rumors. All blogs, including Eklund’s, can be accessed, read, and commented on free of charge. We do offer a Season Ticket which gives readers exclusive use of our chat room function, a graphic ad free version of the site, access to Eklunds bi-annual Rumor Chart, and free entry to our fantasy games.