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See every player's shooting tendencies

August 18, 2018, 10:43 AM ET [1 Comments]
Ryan Wilson
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I saw something pretty interesting that I wanted to pass along. Sean Tierney has created a data visualization of the kinds of shots that each player in the league has been taking over the years.

Here is Sidney Crosby's profile for example

It's not a surprise that Sidney Crosby would work towards diversifying his attack. The ability he's shown to adapt and change is one of his best traits as a hockey players. Is some additional information from the graphic

There's a reason I clamor for Sidney Crosby playing near the goal line and it is because he's great at the types of shots necessary down there.

Phil is predictably more one-dimensional, but not as much as some

There's a reason Phil doesn't take slapshots. He isn't very good at it.

It probably isn't a surprise that Evgeni Malkin's second favorite shot is the slap shot. Except for that one season where he actually took more backhands than slapshots

You can go back and do this for any player in the league.

Thanks for reading!
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