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It's Hockey Time On Long Island 5-3 BST over Isles Update 10:40 pm

January 16, 2013, 7:45 AM ET [494 Comments]
Dee Karl
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10:40 pm: Okay, so it was painfully obvious to many that the Bridgeport boys were playing much better as a team. As they should be considering how many games they have played together.

This was an exercise in special teams and proved there is so much work to be done. Jack is not 'worried,' but concerned, but said that everyone is in the same boat to start this season.

Nino looked good and when asked about him, Jack's answer was that Garth had a plan and he was sticking to it.

More tomorrow from the locker room.

8:59 pm: Okay, so while I was watching it seems Jack Combs 'deflected' a Ty Wishart wrist shot from the right point passed Rick's shoulder for the fifth goal for team White.


8:50 pm: Ryan Strome takes a hooking penalty and the blue team goes on the power play. Grabner flys down the ice on the left wing and... nothing happens. Shift change.

Not much of a power play for the blue team so far. They can't seem to keep the puck in the zone. Did Jack switch up the lines again?

8:39 pm: For the white team, Dallas Jackson, #2, takes a nice shot on Nabokov. I just wanted to say the name Dallas Jackson.

8:19 pm: And on their 12th shot on net, the White team gets one behind Rick who was being horribly screened. 8:14 pm: Rick gives up a power play goal to Johan Sundstrom to even the score at 3. The blue team has taken 25 shots to the white's 10.

8:07 pm: Ths is hockey in the Bizarro world as Ken Dick just said. The goalies have switched sides, but not jerseys, so blue is shooting on Nabby -- wearing blue and White is shooting on Ricky wearing WHITE. You couldn't have new jerseys on the side for them to change in.

Now, Ullstrom was the first injury of the evening with a high stick to the face from Hill, but he came back out from being looked at and then -- took a penalty.

To say I'm confused is an understatement.

I think I'll watch the basketball streaming on someone's iPad.

That's a lie. I'd never watch basketball. Unless you paid me.

7:51 pm: Start of the second and it's 2 - 2. Okay, make that 3 - Blue team. Another puck went past Ricky. You know this is hard as hell to keep track of with both tams wearing Isles uniforms in different colors. Kyle Okposo scored that one from Matt Martin. Moulson had scored his second goal of the evening while I was talking to a friend in 228.

This is the third too many men on the ice penalty in this young game. Okay, so even Jack is confused with the teams playing against each other.

7:20 pm: Nino Niederreiter beats Nabokov to make it a 1 - 1 contest. Jack is mixing up lines left and right.

7:14 pm: Just as Art Staple Tweeted out something I never thought I'd see him write, "Best player on the ice? Rick DiPietro, in #BST net. Looking very sharp."

Matt Moulson must have felt the words go over the internet and he managed to sneak a puck by Rick on a power play. He was six inches away from him. How could he miss. Moulson must have felt good. It's been a long time since he's done that. But sorry Matty, it doesn't count.

6:45 pm: Yes, the hot dogs and sodas are $1 and the longs are a little long, unless you sneak downstairs to the concession stand in front of Doolan's!

It's so nice to see Isles jerseys again in the Coliseum.

3:42 pm: Ryan Strome and Griffin Reinhart will be playing for Bridgeport in Tonight's Blue & White Scrimmage. Both Rick DiPietro and Evgeni Nabokov will be playing the entire game. Now THIS should get interesting.

11:22 am: Garth Snow has had some conversations with Lubomir Visnovsky. If indeed it is true that Visnovsky is experiencing health issues with his son, I'm certain his delay to camp will not be held against him. The Islanders are very sensitive to family issues and treat each player with respect.

Art Staple Tweeted that Lubo's agent said he will indeed report to the Islanders when he is able to leave home. If that is 2 or 4 weeks, we are not sure.

Also uncertain will be the way in which he will be greeted. But from what I've heard of hockey players, once someone arrives in the room and is on YOUR team, everything else goes out the window. Although I wouldn't wait for a parade for the guy.

7 am: It’s pouring rain on Long Island, but it could be worse. It’s just funny that it always seems to rain on the Islanders’ parade. A free scrimmage between Bridgeport Sound Tigers and the Islanders tonight at 7 pm and we get wet, slick roads. Thanks Mother Nature.

So what’s going on? Well, strictly a technicality, but Jesse Joennsuu and Josh Bailey are suspended for getting injured in Europe. Not really a big deal, but I don’t think they’ll get a paycheck until they are deemed fit to play. Well, that’s gotta hurt a little more.

Ty Wishart, cleared waivers and was returned to Bridgeport. I actually felt bad when I heard he was placed on waivers after seeing him having such a good time at Isles training camp on Monday.

It seems the Islanders also placed Sean Backman on waivers along with Nathan McIver and Matt Watkins. They too cleared, but I don’t see where they have been returned to Bridgeport.

Thomas Hickey, claimed off waivers from the LA Kings, This is an excellent pick-up for the Islanders so let’s keep an eye on this first rounder.

Soooooooo, Lubomir Visnovsky says he will come to the Island when he has taken care of his personal problems which should take a few weeks. Really now? Didn’t Charles Wang have a mandate that if you don’t show up at camp, you are not on the Islanders? This saga is sure to drag on for a few more weeks before it is finally over. Meanwhile, the KHL says Lubo can’t play, so he should have plenty of time to deal with his issues.

If you cannot make it tonight to the free Scrimmage, it’s not a problem. The Islanders will be web streaming it Live and also free. So sit on your couch and catch all the action. Although you’ll miss the sales at the team store.

Shopping! The Islanders announced yesterday their own shopping website. But it’s not just for them, it’s for all sorts of things you are looking for right here on the Island.

The New York Islanders announced today that they will deliver a daily deals website that gives Islanders fans preferred pricing on their favorite retailers in the local area. PowerPlay Deals, a subsidiary of Long Island-based Crowd Marketing, have partnered with the Islanders in this endeavor.

On the day of Opening Night, January 19, www.IslandersPowerPlayDeals.com goes live exclusively for Islanders fans, offering preferred pricing on Long Island’s best local travel, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, shopping centers and various other retailers. Long Island businesses such as Cactus Salon & Spa, Professional Physical Therapy and Sleepy’s are just a few of the organizations that have partnered with PowerPlay Deals. Preferred pricing could be as much as 90% off retail cost. The Islanders and PowerPlay Deals have also created a rewards system to thank fans for their passion and loyalty. When customers reach certain point plateaus, they can redeem their points for gift cards to the Islanders Team Store or tickets to select Islanders home games.

Everybody loves a bargain.

Also, if you have not purchased tickets for Saturday or Monday, there is a social media ticket special so check out the Islanders Facebook or Twitter page for details.

More from tonight’s scrimmage later. There will be NO morning practice and NO media availability prior to the game. That is part of the new CBA, or so I’ve heard.

But at least -- It’s Hockey Time.

Sideboards: I would like to thank everyone for sticking it out through the lockout. Yesterday's entry had 565 comments as of this morning. I am overwhelmed. Whenever anyone says that the Islanders don't have any fans, I vehemently disagree. We have one of the most loyal, and passionate fanbases in the NHL. I am proud to be one of you.

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