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Hockey Mock Draft 2020, ANA/OTT picks in, LV/DAL/SJ on clock

October 2, 2020, 10:50 AM ET [56 Comments]
Jan Levine
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The third mock Hockey Buzz mock draft driven by the readers and a few special guests kicked off two weeks ago. The first five selections were Alexis Lafreniere, Quinton Byfield, Tim Sturzle, Marco Rossi and Cole Perfetti. Kicking off the next five was Anton Lundell followed by Alexander Holtz, Lucas Raymond, Jaroslav Askarov and Jaime Drysdale. Jake Sanderson was the first pick in the next block of 10 selections followed by Jack Quinn, Dawson Mercer, Seth Jarvis, Ryan O'Rourke, Hendrix Lapierre, Dylan Holloway, Kaiden Guhle, Braden Schneider and Jacob Perreault . Picks 20-31 kicked off with Connor Zary, followed by Brendan Brisson, Justin Barron, JJ Peterka, Jan Mysac and Rodion Amirov. The selections by Anaheim, with optimus-reim picking, and Ottawa, represented by spatso, are below. Las Vegas, represented by jrr1285, is on the clock as is Dallas, with Russ Cohen, and San Jose, led by barberjw picking. Below are the voting polls, please weigh in with your view.

As a reminder, for each pick, included should be: a) Selection and reasoning/scouting report, and, b) Alternatives considered (both players and trades). Please provide me via email your pick with the aforementioned information following the posting of the prior pick on the site. If I become aware of a pick or a few picks in a row, I will email you to help facilitate moving the mock draft along. I will post the blog with the pick and the voting poll within each blog. In addition, after each pick in the summary below, I have added in the % that approved the pick in the poll and total number of votes.

Overall Rules and Process

As mentioned previously, there is a little kicker. After the pick or trade is made, a poll will be posted to rate the selection or deal. If the majority of people like the pick or trade, that selection stands and it moves on to the next team’s picks. If not, the majority rules and that’s what happens with that team and pick. I have the last right of refusal to keep everything on the up and up and avoid ballot box stuffing.

My request to you is that you take this seriously and not make a mockery of the mock draft, because that would be an insult to the others who are participating and makes the whole process a sham. But by playing this out, we get to have healthy debate and conversation to remain engaged up and possibly beyond the draft. If teams make deals and they occur before a team’s selection is due, that deal will play a part as to when each person’s selection occurs.

Here how this will work:  the team’s selector will email me at [email protected] their pick, rationale and any alternatives for that selection. I will post that pick and rationale on the site and create a voting poll. That poll will likely include alternatives that were considered with each voter allowed to select one option.

With the 27th Overall Pick in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, the Anaheim Ducks, represented by optimus-reim, select Noel Gunler, LW, Lulea (SHL)

Rationale for the selection with scouting report along with alternatives considered (both players and trades):

It was between Foerster, Reichel, Bourque and Gunler.

With the highest goals per game percentage in history, better than Holtz and Raymond, many could argue that Gunler should have been considered a top 10 pick. However, the scouting community has taken a hard approach to evaluating Gunler as there seems to be a stigma about him being one-dimensional, inconsistent and lazy player. A lot of comparisons to Kaliyev are being thrown around - being very lazy.  

There are also issues coming out of the decisions made by Sweden’s national teams not selecting Gunler.  The truth of the matter being Gunler is actually an engaged player who has a hard work ethic and, although not the greatest defensively, still doesn’t give up on plays.  Always moving on the ice and doesn’t take any lazy shifts, showing an element of intensity.

His shot is elite - on par with Holtz’s shot, and Gunler shoots almost primarily in high danger areas. He is going to be cleaning up a lot of rebounds and dirty goals and that’s not even factoring in his incredible release and accuracy that is displayed.

Comparisons to players like Rakell (ironic, yes), Boeser - neither are blazing fast but both have incredible shots, and Kessel (minus the one dimensional aspect).  At 6’2 and 180lb he is very close to NHL ready.  It helps playing against men as an 18 year old and breaking records for draft eligible Swedes.

Playing one more year in the SuperElit could show him well, however, given how training camp goes Gunler could make the Ducks - who are starving for offense, or get him down to the AHL to become more accustomed to the North American rinks and style of hockey.

Other Prospects Considered:
Tyson Foerster, Lukas Reichel and Mavrik Bourque.

Scouting Reports:
Jokke Nevalainen - Dobber Prospects - Sept. 30th: "His shot release is arguably the best in this draft class as he can get shots off faster than anyone without hurting the power or accuracy of the shot. He’s also a great playmaker who can utilize his skills and vision to create scoring chances."

Scott Wheeler - The Athletic - Sept. 21st: "I would argue his straight-line skating is actually an asset. It looks a little weird. Like some others his age, he picks up his stick and pitchforks more than you would like. You’d prefer to see him extending his stick forward in one smooth north-south motion."

Chris Peters - ESPN - June 30th: "A polarizing figure in this draft class, Gunler certainly has the skill to be a higher pick. Concerns about maturity and the Swedish federation's avoidance of using him at international tournaments have raised some red flags.

Mike G. Morreale - NHL.com - June 22nd: "The 6-2, 176-pound forward possesses good passing skills, shot selection and willingness to drive to the net to create offense ... He has intimidating size and earned big minutes on the power play with his soft hands and playmaking ability."

Josh Bell - The Hockey Writers - May 11th: "He’s a very offensive player, but don’t put too much weight into the rumours that he can’t defend – he can. He’s one of the best shooters in this class."

Cam Robinson - Dobber Prospects - Apr. 1st: "For whatever reason, Sweden has shied away from including Gunler on their national teams, but wherever this kid goes, he produces. Owns one of the most lethal shots in the draft. A great mind for finding soft spots."

Mike G. Morreale - NHL.com - Mar. 20th: "A strong skater with good passing skills, shot selection, and a willingness to drive to the net to create offense. He had 13 points (four goals, nine assists) in 9:49 of average ice time in 45 SHL games."

Mike G. Morreale - NHL.com - Mar. 6th: "A skater with good passing skills, shot selection, and who is unafraid to drive the net to create offense."

Sam Cosentino - Sportsnet - Mar. 4th: "Like many of the young Swedes, he’s in between being too good for the U20 league and not yet good enough to be a top six in the SHL. In any event, his ability to shoot the puck will translate."

Steve Kournianos - The Draft Analyst - Feb. 20th: "His skill set is more than impressive, especially when you consider his dual-threat capabilities. Gunler’s skating being criticized is a bit odd to me because I don’t think I’ve ever seen an instance (other than at the end of a shift) where his foot speed, agility, or balance was problematic."

Sam Cosentino - Sportsnet - Feb. 5th: "Goal-scoring is the driving force behind this player. Plays with energy, especially in the offensive zone. Has deception in his lightning quick release."

Anaheim Ducks select Noel Gunler
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With the 28th Overall Pick in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, the Ottawa Senators, represented by spatso, select Mavrik Bourque, C, Shawinigan, (QMJHL)

Rationale for the selection with scouting report along with alternatives considered (both players and trades):

The Sens selected Tim Stutzle with the 3rd overall selection and Cole Perfetti with the fifth pick.

Generally, the strategy for this draft has been to load up on offensive players in the first round. Ottawa has good offensive minded defenceman but do not have a strong solid group of physical defensemen. So, the second round of the draft will be dedicated to taking a good defencemen either in the draft or by moving 2nd round picks in a trade.

Bourque is selected because he is the most creative offensive player still on the board. Despite playing on a very poor team he put up great numbers in the Quebec junior league. He had 71 points in only 42 games played, we believe he has the potential to be a top line scorer. He is good on face offs and always plays with high energy and has great vision in the attack zone.

Most reports focus on the fact that he is a puck magician, with fantastic moves and a great ability to deke defenders or draw the defender towards him to hit the open man with the pass. He is very strong on his skates and hard to move off the puck.
Although the ability to be deceptive can be a powerful skill at the junior level, it does not always translate well to the NHL level where defenders tend to be bigger, faster and smarter. Reports focus on Bourque’s strength on his skates. This can also be interpreted to mean that he does not have the huge speed to bust by other players. His skating is merely adequate for a first round selection.

Bourque played on a bad team with little support. He lost the last 14 games of his team’s season due to a wrist injury. He is the kind of player that might sneak under the radar because it was such an unusual and difficult situation for draft analysts and scouts.

It is not expected that Bourque would break into the Senator’s line up in the next year.

Scouting Reports:
Draft Analyst: ….highly skilled playmaker…big play proclivity….creative…vision…trickery…no look passes…explosive shot release…has a wow factor to his game.

Hockey Writers:..Bourque’s 1.45 points per game ranked second to Lafreniere for draft eligible players in the QMJHL. …exceptional at even strength…exceptional playmaker with high hockey IQ.

Trade Considered:
Multiple trade offers were considered for the last of Ottawa’s 3 first round picks. Most notable include a deal with the Coyotes for Kuemper or with Columbus for Korpisalo or Pittsburgh for Murray.

Ottawa Senators select Mavrik Bourque
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2020 NHL DRAFT FIRST-ROUND ORDER AND GMs (plus yes votes/total votes, % of votes that agreed with selection)

1. New York Rangers - Jan Levine - Alexis Lafreniere, LW, Rimouski, OMJHL (349/398, 88%)
2. Los Angeles Kings - Kooleus, Quinton Byfield, C, Sudbury, OHL. (405/566, 76%)
3. Ottawa Senators (via San Jose Sharks) - spatso, Tim Stutzle, C, Mannheim, DEL (310/332. 93%)
4. Detroit Red Wings - feds91stammer, Marco Rossi, C, Ottawa, OHL, (116/235, 52%)
5. Ottawa Senators - spatso, Cole Perfetti, LW, Saginaw, OHL (102/289, 35%)

6. Anaheim Ducks - optimus-reim, Anton Lundell, C, HIFK, LIIGA (62/222, 28%)
7. New Jersey Devils - redmonsters, Alexander Holtz, RW, Djurgarden, SHL (183/333, 55%)
8. Buffalo Sabres - KilkennyDan, Lucas Raymond, RW, Frolunda, SHL, (191/266, 72%)
9. Minnesota Wild - dudestar, Jarsolav Askarov, G, SKA-NEVA, VHL (73/142, 51%)
10. Winnipeg Jets - Ross77, Jamie Drysdale, D, Erie, OHL (278/305, 91%)

11. Nashville Predators - slimtj, Jake Sanderson, D, NTDP-U18, USDP (121/163, 74%)
12. Florida Panthers - jimbo, Jack Quinn, RW, Ottawa, OHL (110/138, 80%)
13. Carolina Hurricanes (via Toronto Maple Leafs) - Bingo, Dawson Mercer, C, Chicoutimi, QMJHL (124/193, 64%)
14. Edmonton Oilers - maximumbone, Seth Jarvis, RW, Portland, WHL, (210/277, 77%)
15. Toronto Maple Leafs (via Pittsburgh Penguins) - Michael Augello, Ryan O'Rourke, D, Sault Ste Marie, OHL (107/423, 25%)

16. Montreal Canadiens - Vivian Lapeirre, Hendrix Lapierre, C, Chicoutimi, QMJHL, (109/239, 45%)
17. Chicago Blackhawks - Theo Fox, Dylan Holloway, C/LW, Wisconsin, NCAA, (179/216, 83%)
18. New Jersey Devils (from Arizona) - redmonsters, Kaiden Guhle, D, Prince Albert, WHL (84/133, 63%)
19. Calgary Flames - deddie, Braden Schneider, D, Brandon WHL (82/109, 75%)
20. New Jersey Devils (from Vancouver via Tampa Bay) - redmonsters, Jacob Perreault, C/RW, Sarnia, WHL (60/137, 44%)

21. Columbus Blue Jackets, Thomas Townsend, Connor Zary, C, Kamloops, (97/118, 82%)
22. New York Rangers (from Carolina) - Jan, Brendan Brisson, C, Chicago USHL (40/82, 49%)
23. Philadelphia Flyers - Flyersfan328, Justin Barron, D, Halifax, QMJHL (67/148, 45%)
24. Colorado Avalanche - climbdenali12, JJ Peterka, LW, EHC München,, DEL (30/66, 43%)
25. Washington Capitals - winerydog, Jan Mysac, C, Hamilton, OHL (17/40, 43%)

26. St. Louis Blues, jediman, Rodion Amirov, LW, UFA, MHL (35/38, 92%)
27. Anaheim Ducks (from Boston) - optimus-reim, Noel Gunler, LW, Lulea, SHL
28. Ottawa Senators (acquired from Islanders in JG Pageau deal) Mavrik Bourque, C, Shawinigan, QMJHL
29. Vegas Golden Knights - JRR1285, Josh Ruiz, Friday, Oct. 2 around 5pm
30. Dallas (Russ Cohen, sportsology), Friday, Oct 2 around 5 pm
31. San Jose (acquired from Tampa Bay in Barclay Goodrow deal (Jeremy Barber, user id: barberjw, email: [email protected])- Friday, October 2 in pm

Looking forward to running this again. We had a ton of fun last season. That should be the same again this year with New York having the first and 22nd picks in the first round.

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