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Some Thoughts on the New Coyotes Owner

June 12, 2019, 5:36 PM ET [31 Comments]
James Tanner
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Should the NHL approve the 184th owner in Arizona Coyotes history, then that new owner will be some guy named Alex Meruelo.

Rumour is that Meruelo will be one of the richest owners in the NHL, that he will allow the Coyotes to spend (and lose money) and that he will be instrumental in getting the team a new arena.

Apropos of nothing, here's my favorite Smiths song

Like every other owner, Meruelo brings a bit of optimism and a bit of fear about the team moving.

But then again, the Coyotes have been moved to every city on the planet at least six times each, and they still play their games in Arizona.

Much is being made of the idea that Meuro is the first Latino owner, and that he will somehow save the Coyotes by selling the game of hockey to the Latino market. That seems like the wishy washy logic of a moron, but I once invested heavily in Pogs, so you can't trust me on business.

The way to save the Coyotes is probably not to rely on racial profiling, but who am I to say? I guess you can try to sell hockey to Cubans and Mexicans, but why would the owner sharing a background entice someone to come to a hockey game?

Personally, I never care what the owner's background is when considering hockey as an entertainment choice, but again, what do I know? Not only did I invest heavily in Pogs, but I also once bought shares in a Y2K preparedness company in 2002. (I thought they were sure to rebound).

The Coyotes (probably) have a new owner, and that may or may not be a good thing. At a certain point, you can't even care anymore.

I will say there is one thing concerning about Meruelo - he once bought a Casino from a prominent husky business man known for failing at business, and closed it a year later. If you are somehow worse at running casinos than that guy, I don't know that it speaks well of your business acumen.

Then again, no one has every called me a billionaire.
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