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Coyotes Should Consider Top Prospects, But Won't (+ Countdown)

July 6, 2020, 8:29 PM ET [30 Comments]
James Tanner
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The Arizona Coyotes are scheduled to play the Nashville Predators when the NHL resumes play.

When the Coyotes resume play, they should have a healthy lineup.

This means that the Coyotes will almost certainly not use the best lineup available to them.

Rick Tocchet is an old-school coach through and through. Despite the exciting and talented players the Coyotes have on their roster, I would never expect Tocchet to unleash his inner Sheldon Keefe and develop a game plan focused on puck possession and offensive creativity.

During his time as head coach, Tocchet has consistently failed to use the best roster available to him, and will, 100% of the time, dress the veteran over the rookie, and (for the bottome of the lineup) the grinder over the skilled player.

When play resumes, the Coyotes could dress Barratt Hayton, a skilled forward with high-end potential who had an excellent World Junior tournament sometime last decade (OK six months ago, but it feels like longer).

But they won't.

And they could dress the top prospect in their organization, Victor Soderstrom, but they won't.

At the very least, these players would provide talent and ability in the bottom of the lineup in place of replacement players like Jason Demers, Jordan Oesterle, or Michael Grabner/Lawson Crouse.

However, we are talking about the coach who played Lawson Crouse more per game than Connor Garland, so forget about it.

Top 50 Coyotes of All-Time

When last we spoke, I had named goalie Ilya Bryzgalov the 9th best player in Coyotes Franchise history.

Today, we move on to #8 Teppo Numminen.

Numminen came over from Winnipeg when the Coyotes migrated south and continued to play in Arizona for seven more seasons.

He is 6th in all-time games played for the franchise, and 8th in points. He is the 3rd best defenseman in franchise history, and the 8th best player.

Good times!

Top 50 Films of All-Time

Top 50 Films of All-Time

50: Limitless
49: Oh Brother Where Art Though?
48: Role Models
47: the Rock
46: Mission Impossible Franchise
45: Nicholas Cage Man Tetrology
43: The Art of Self Defense
42:Walk Hard
41: The Winter Soldier
39: The 6th Day
38: Groundhog Day
37. The Batman Trilogy - Christopher Nolan
36: Jackie Brown
35: Gremlins
34: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
33: Speed
32: Adventure Land
31: Eyes Wide Shut
30: Semi Pro
29. Endgame/Ragnorak Trilogy
28. Baby Driver
27: Next
26: Keanu
25:Annie Hall
24: Catch Me If You Can
23: Serpico
22: Pop Star: Never Stop Stopping
21: Passenger 57
20: The John Hughes Trilogy
19: MacGruber
18: Source Code
17 Live. Die. Repeat
16. The Lethal Weapon Franchise
15: Paycheck
14: The Fugitive
13: The Prestige
12: Enemy of the State
11: Con Air
10: High Fidelity
09: Zodiac

Today, I name unto you the 8th best movie in the history of earth and cinema.

A classic so great that those who do not recognize it are doomed forever to suck. A movie whose influence know's no bounds, and whose score is the sound of angels making sweet love to the sounds of Marvin Gaye on the the world's best stereo.

Of course I am talking about the Terminator.

The Terminator is such a classic that it needs no write up from me. You either know and love it, or you spend you days writing Full House fanfiction.

While the first movie is the best, I also salute Judgement Day for being awesome and the newest one for being watchable. The third best iteration of the Terminator Franchise is the TV show the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

All hail the mysterious gap.
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