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The Scott Gordon Rumor Mill

November 7, 2010, 11:43 AM ET [ Comments]
Dee Karl
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We interrupt this Sunday morning cleaning expedition for a word about Scott Gordon. Yes, I had to stop what I was doing when I noticed a tweet saying the NY Post reports Scott Gordon’s job is in jeopardy. Buried deep within Larry Brook’s Sunday article is a brief paragraph stating that rumors are flying that Gordon’s job is at stake as his roster hit their seventh straight loss. Okay, I’m upset with this.

A few of us discussed this scenario last night, but I ask you -- Who would be better with this team? You can’t get blood from a stone and you can’t turn a group of not-ready-for-prime-time players into a Stanley Cup contender. I don’t care if you resurrect Herb Brooks, you’ll still only get a team that’s slightly better, but not a Cup winner.

This is a slump, a big one. But is it really on the coach’s head? Sure, as I mentioned to someone last night, you can’t fire all 23, but you can fire one. But would he be the RIGHT one? Firing a coach always seems like the EASY way out. It’s a quick distraction for the fans and the media. How often does it work out? How many Peter Laviolette taking over the Philadelphia Flyers stories are there out there?

Also, who the hell is there to replace him? What would they do? Bring in someone from outside NOW and start an entire new system? Who would take them? Would they bring up Jack Capuano and have his assistants take over the Sound Tigers? Would that be the logical step? Maybe. But I don’t believe it would be the right step.

Scott Gordon, as of yet, has not had his contract extended. After seeing his demeanor in the post game press conferences I’m not even sure he wants it to be extended. (Has a head coach ever turned down an extension in the NHL? Ever? You know how the Islanders like to be first at things.)

No one was saying this in early October when the Islanders had “confidence” and “a winning attitude.” And then the injuries mounted. Is Andy MacDonald THAT big a piece to the Islanders puzzle that they can’t win a game without him? They won games WITHOUT John Tavares in the line up after he sustained a mild concussion. Now they can’t put a point on the score sheet.

The Islanders organization will do what it feels is best for the team, it may not always be realistic, but it is what they deem they need to. In my mind, letting Scott Gordon go wouldn’t gain them the results they were looking for.

Just my two cents on a Sunday morning in early November.

Wait, I need to add one more thing. Throughout the entire losing streak, in all the post game interviews with the players, has any one of them made any sort of indication that it isn't THEIR fault? Have they ever seemed as if the blame is not solely on themselves for not being able to find the back of the net? Has anyone mentioned a line combo, a formation, a system change at all that has caused them to be ineffective all of a sudden? Um, no.
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