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A Game of Importance: Isles vs Lightning 4-2 Isles Final

April 6, 2013, 8:14 AM ET [172 Comments]
Dee Karl
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9:39 pm: This is the Isles third win over the Bolts this year. It's a shame Matt Moulson couldn't make it. He is No. 3 all time in the Iron Man category.

Grabner's goal put him in a tie for second in goals on the Isles with Matt Moulson. He should buy him a beer when he feels better.

Josh Bailey and Kyle Opkoso have become the newest Dymanic Duo for the Isles. His seventh of the year after starting so slowly.

Anders' Lee earned his first assist in the NHL on Matt Martin's goal. Another big night for him.

The Isles are now 3 games over .500, a place they haven't seen in a long time.

This was JT's first game without Matt Moulson. Wow. He told the media that the focus and intensity is there right now as they know these games mean more than ever before. "Being confident in all situations. I think you're seeing that in us. We're doing the right things and being rewarded."

Fishler and Nabokov did their usual post game. "We're doing a lot of good things. We just have to keep doing that."

Nabby said he didn't want to talk about his game. Just about the win, and maybe the day off tomorrow.

Josh Bailey said it was a good character win. They stayed positive, never give up, never quit. He gave Okposo all the credit for the goal.

Kyle told the media he's just playing meaningful games and maybe that's what has improved his game. "We stuck to our guns. We knew how we neede dto play. We didn't give them a whole lot. I think we're playing with some confidence. We've been winning some improtant games and winning well, and that gives you confidence."

Capuano's post game press conference seemed a little relaxed after a big win.

"We're finding a way to compete and get the two points. I thought they had some chances and Nabby made some big saves. We didn't get many power plays tonight, but we battled hard."
When asked about Lee, he said he did well, but it is a game of mistakes.

In Jesse Joensuu's first game back, Jack said he used his size, used his body and protected the puck down low.

He continued about his team, "We have some good leadership in there, they're not rookies any more. I thought we did a good job defensively holding them."

How do the Isles keep winning? "Continue to play the team structure, continue to play our game."

Kyle Okposo has been very vocal, and now he's backing it up on the ice. He is a leader.

Jack said he doesn't look at the scoreboard to see where they are and who they're climbing up on. "We can only control what we can control. I preach that to my children, I preach that to our team."

9:36 pm: Matt Martin tells the reporters they are finally learing how to win these tight games.
As others were saying, it's nice to watch this team grow up right before our eyes.

He gave Casey a lot of credit for the screen. He said they know they have to control their emotions, especially when the refs put the whistles away.

9:25 pm: With an empty net for the Bolts, the Lightning pushed hard to get a goal to even things up and get a point. But the Isles made sure that didn't happen. McDonald missed the open net and the puck went back towards Nabby. Andy MacDonald, from his knees after falling on the ice, tee'd up the puck and swung.

It couldn't have been screipted better. Straight into the empty net giving the Isles their much needed win.

9:13 pm: The crowd at the Coliseum (and it is a sell-out) went wild as Matt Martin, just trying to get the puck to the net, scores on Bishop while Cizikas provided a screen.

Matt Martin -- Yes, this year's Isles Cinderella Story.

9:07 pm: Soooo Joensuu now wants his name pronounced 'Yess-see" instead of Jesse? I guess that's what they told him in Europe during the lockout.

9:04 pm: Exciting play by the Isles, but no goals to show for it. John Tavares with a great chance ends up with a broken stick and looking for a call. Nope. Some giveaways, some turnovers and a very strong Matt Martin and Thomas Hickey. But still -- no goals.

8:56 pm: As usual, the Isles let their opponent tie the game in the third. This time it's Carle who beat Nabokov while he was trying to get his stick which was just laying in his crease.

Sorry, I don't understand that one.

8:54 pm: Third under way, more non calls.

8:23 pm: Joensuu's first game back and his first penalty. Go sit down.

8:18 pm: Isles first power play of the evening as Colin McDonald is mugged.

While I was sleeping, the Bolts tied the game and then Kyle Okposo scored a very important goal against Bishop.

Figures... it was Bailey's goal and Okposo's assist.

7:44 pm: Isles go back to the PK when Frans Nielsen is called for hooking. He's not happy, but the replay showed he was guilty.

PK strong again.

7:35 PM: Michael Grabner scores the first goal of the night with less than 5 minutes in the first.

7:22 pm: The isles first PK goes well, even with the Lightning's quick up the ice moves.

Art Staple saying the coliseum has a good crowd tonight.

Josh Baley great chance on Bishop, Bishop says no.

6:48 pm: NO, NO NO NO!!! Not Matty!!! Matt Moulson's streak of games played comes to an end tonight because of the FLU! I'm so depressed!~

Grabner taking Moulson's place? I'm doubly depressed.

Jesse Joensuu plays his first Isles game this season.

7 am: It's April and the Islanders are playing very important hockey in their attempt to make it into the playoffs this season.

The Tampa Bay Lightning haven't had a very good year of it, but things may have turned around now that Ben Bishop is in net for them. It won't be enough to get them into the playoffs, but it may be enough to dash the Isles hopes of getting there.

Every point counts, and the Isles do not want to leave two on the ice.

Ex-Islanders Nate Thompson will probabaly be back in the line-up now that his two game suspension is over. Let's hope he doesn't do anything foolish tonight to anyone on the Isles roster.

We look forward to seeing if Anders Lee makes his way back on the bench after having yesterday to practice with the team. I'm guessing -- he will.

Jack Capuano and others were singing the praises of the Nielsen-Okposo-Bailey line as they are giving the Tavares line a little competition for scoring ability and production importance. That is a good thing.

It's also about time.

It would also be nice if Grabner could get a little breakaway tonight and skate away from that bug St. Louis and get one actually IN the net instead of around it. Got that Michael?

Yesterday the Isles announced that they had come to terms with Mayfield for an ELC. And the fan base rejoiced. Seems that they are signing their young, talented prospects and the future is looking a little brighter.

We've already seen what the likes of the other prospects can do down in Bridgeport. We have a right to get excited. I just wish there were some more home games in Bport so I could get there to see one. Sadly, my April schedule doesn't allow it.

Tonight the Isles need to keep Stamkos at bay and stay within Jack's structure of playing. When they don't deviate from it, they win. And tonight -- they have to.

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