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UFA Right D, Wings at IIHF and Joe Vele - NO!!! Kicked out of tournament.

May 22, 2023, 9:00 PM ET [24 Comments]
Jeremy Laura
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Keeping in mind this is 4 days old, here’s some positive going on with Wings in the IIHF

And….here’s the less than positive. We’ve seen those skate cut through the “tongue” of the boot, and Taylor hall had a lovely facial shot a while back. Also some wrist tendons cut, etc. i know it’s heat of the moment, but this was a bad look for JV.

Oh, Kyle Dubas is out of Toronto. Apparently he wanted a raise but the back and forth is going to be nuts. Ironically, Toronto made it past the first round for the first time since 2004. It sounds like you’re either “team Shanny” or “team Dubas”. I’m neither. Detroit has a rebuild and needs some stop gap right side D.

Here’s a Cap Friendly list of free agent right shot defensemen. For clarity’s sake, a trade may make more sense and may be the preferred route. To pretend that I have any clue what Yzerman is thinking is funny even to me.

Matt Dumba is a higher salaried free agent, so I’m going in that order. Every year (it feels like) one or more of the major outlets tries to fit Dumba with a new team. I’ve probably heard that half the league should look at him. At 28, coming off of a 6 million dollar contract (probably wants a raise) and had 14 points (4g and 10a) in 79 games. This is a pass for me.

John Klingberg is 30, made 7 million and played 67 games (50 in Anaheim and 17 in MN) scoring 10 goals and 23 assists. I just can’t imagine he wants to be part of the rebuild. He probably wants post season opportunities. Not a great fit.

Damon Severson is intriguing but potentially expensive. 7 goals, 26 assists with a salary of 5.1 but AAV of 4,166,666. Depending on $ and term ask, this would be a reach but one that is worth a look.

Kevin Shattenkirk has been mentioned in the comments as a possibility. 34 years old had 27 points, an AAV of 3.9, actual of 4.95 plus 1.4 in buyout money from NYC. He went to Tampa as Yzerman was heading to Detroit. Has playoff wisdom, may be willing to be in a mentor role and may not break the bank. You’ll notice I didn’t mention Erik Johnson. 8 assists in 63 games and some hard miles at 35.

Travis Hamonic is 32, coming off of a 3m AAV and scored 21 points in 75 games. He’s in Ottawa so not a long way to travel. But, there’s that pesky “may want a shot at the cup” factor again. If he can’t find the gig he wants with a contender, maybe sign with the agreement of a deadline trade?

That’s about as far as I’m going with this one. I know at least one or two of you like Gudas or Schenn, I’m just not there. Schenn could be fine, but Gudas has those hard miles on him that could derail him. The longer I stare at the UFA defenseman list, the more I’m convinced Yzerman will look at a trade. I don’t know that (obviously). Detroit has a good reputation in how players are treated, but seems to be a bubble team. How many players are watching (or refusing to watch) post season play and getting more and more anxious to burn through 82 games for another crack at it? There are some superstars in Edmonton and Toronto that aren’t happy right now. There is new ownership in Pitt. That is pushing to see how much is left on the tires. Tampa is going to lost a player or two to $ but will still feel like they can go for it (we’ve been there).

My biggest concern is the development of Edvinsson IF he’s in Detroit all year. I want a right shot/right side player that can help him learn and help him perform. I don’t want to put him with Seider right now. He and Walman had some nice chemistry. Should we give Pysk another shot? Just bad luck last year?

Give me your thoughts. If I’m going on the list I just typed I want Shattenkirk. I feel like he can do the “mentor” bit. We’ll see. It’s all just guessing for fun right now.
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