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Wrap: Flyers Open Preseason with 2-1 win vs. Boston

September 25, 2022, 3:43 AM ET [122 Comments]
Bill Meltzer
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Wrapup: Flyers Open Preseason with 2-1 Win vs. Boston

On a night that saw them successfully kill six penalties including a 44-second two-man disadvantage in the first period, the Philadelphia Flyers skated to a 2-1 win over the Boston Bruins in the preseason opener at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday evening.

Brothers Noah and Jackson Cates provided the goals for the Flyers. Noah scored a 5-on-3 power play goal early in the second period off a gorgeous, backhanded pass from Morgan Frost. Jackson broke a 1-1 tie in the latter stages of the third period with a deflection goal of an Egor Zamula point shot. Tyson Foerster earned a secondary assist on the power play goal while the forechecking work of Hayden Hodson started the sequence that ended in the game-winning goal.

Felix Sandström and Troy Grosenick split the goaltending duties for the Flyers while Keith Kinkaid and Kyle Kyser shared the game for Boston. Sandström stopped all 17 shots he faced in 30:10 of action. Grosenick turned back 14 of 15 shots to earn the win. Jakub Lauko scored the lone goal for the Bruins, briefly tying the score at 1-1 in the third period. For Boston, Kincaid stopped 15 of 16 shots in 30:30. Kyser (13 saves on 14 shots) took the loss.

For a full recap and analysis of the preseason opener, click here.


Postgame Quotes (Courtesy of the Flyers)

Philadelphia Flyers G Troy Grosenick

How’d you feel out there today in your first look at the preseason?

Good. Been doing it for a while. Love playing hockey so every game’s fun. Felt good.

You played with most of those guys last year, what is it like going against them now?

Fun. I’m old enough now that I’ve probably played with just about one person at least on every team we play against, but having that whole team was fun. To share some laughs out there. I like to play loose and it helps me play loose. I told Lauks he owes me one.

Any good chirps?

Not so much, just smiling, laughing and having a good time. No chirps, I’m not that creative.

Philadelphia Flyers C Morgan Frost

Morgan, you had a lot of ice on different situations tonight, a lot of PK, you’re out there protecting the one goalie late, I mean was it was a good opportunity for you to show all the different things you can do apart from the assists?

Yeah, I think so. I kind of want to show that I can play in all situations. I think Lap gave me a good opportunity of that tonight. I think a couple things I’d like to clean up, but in general, I was pretty happy with how I played in most of those situations. Just keep going and get back at it tomorrow.

At the end of the game, you were involved in an icing, after that did you feel like you had to block the shot to make up for it?

Yeah, that might have been a little bit of the rush kicking in to be honest. When I got the puck, I wasn’t at the red line and I just kind of fired it. Maybe should have just chipped it down. After that I definitely needed to make up for it because obviously some things start running through your head when you ice the puck. However, I think there was 15 seconds left or something. It was nice to get that block and obviously get the win.

Was there any highlight moment tonight that you had that stood out than any other with this being the first preseason game?

I don’t know if there is one exact moment. It was just nice to be back in the building. You know, playing a game here at Wells Fargo and playing with some of the guys. Being on the line with Tippett again was nice. I like playing with him. I don’t know if there was one moment it was just good to get out there and play again.

Philadelphia Flyers G Felix Sandstrom

I assume you didn’t want to feel how you started that game, having to kill four penalties in the first period, but was it a good thing to get really engaged in the game?

It’s probably better to get a lot of work than none, especially the first game of the year. Maybe not ideal to get that many penalties, but I think the guys stepped up and blocked. Helped in that way. We came through it and turned it around.

How do you approach a situation like this? Where obviously in a training camp there is going to be competition for spots, but your competition is very direct, its basically you and Troy battling for the backup job. How do you keep yourself not just motivated, but competitive but not to the point where it’s antagonistic between you and Troy?

You’re competing all the time, but it’s so much more fun to play when you’re friends too. None of the things around off the ice matter in that way. He’s a great guy, great to hang around with. The competition is on the ice and we both work hard.

When you’re in a camp with a lot of players, how important is it for you to keep your communications with the defensemen simple and clear?

It’s a big part of it. Some plays today probably weren’t the best, but it’s something we work on all the time. For sure it’s going to be better as I feel more comfortable and the guys know me too. It will get better.

Philadelphia Flyers C Noah Cates

You guys practice the power play stuff today, how much did that help get you guys going in today’s game?

It was nice to work on it a little bit. Also in the rookie series, we had some power plays and working on all these skates. You know working on these little things that are helping and coming forward in these games. It’s been good, especially in those rookie games. In these preseason games, it means a little more. Definitely good to get one on the board for this preseason game.

Since you mentioned Jackson, how did it feel to get out there and how do you feel you showed your chemistry tonight?

A little weird right away. I think we were just killing in the first period a little bit but the game went on. I think we had some good shifts together. We protected pucks and won some battles. It was good and great tip by him to get that part in the game-winning goal. Definitely cool game for us and happy for him.

Being a part of the rookie games last weekend, has that help you ease your way into camp? Obviously, all the guys did not have the ability to participate in those but you had a good showing in those games and you’re jumping right in here?

For sure, helped a ton. It’s like a preseason to this preseason game. You knowing the off-ice routine, what you like to eat or what you like to do before the game, made myself feel really comfortable for today and going into this game with no nerves. Almost more nervous for the rookie games. It was good to feel comfortable and knowing what I had to do for the game in warmups. It felt natural for the game.

Ian Laperriere

What’d you think of the PK tonight? I know it’s only one game but you gotta like the start.

You know what, I’ve said that for years that your goaltender needs to be the best penalty killer on your team, and they both tonight were great. I like the effort on the PK like I did five-on-five. Guys were battling, and it’s been a tough camp for those kids. I’m tired just watching those guys skating like they are, but they battled through it five-on-five and five-on-four, that’s for sure.

You said after the rookie games that you thought there was a good chance you won’t get to coach Noah Cates because he’ll make the team, do you still have that feeling watching him tonight?

He’s a coach’s dream. He does everything right. He doesn’t cheat. He plays the right way and coachable. How can you not like a guy like that? I don’t know Torts much but I know every coach likes players like that. His brother is playing great too. Jackson, I wouldn’t but him out of the race either. He came in camp in tip-top shape and came in camp to make the team. I’m sure they trained together. They’re tight. They’re always together and it’s fun to watch. Noah is a pleasure to just see what he does, the little things that you don’t see, a super goal by beating a guy one-on-one or score a great goal. He does the little things that coaches like.

What’d you think of your goaltending tonight? You know both guys, you had Felix and you coached against Troy.

They were great. They’re battling for the backup spot and they showed why. It’s tough for Grosenick to come in the second half. You’re cold. You go in the back to warm up and get ready. Both of them made huge saves on the kills and I feel it’s going to be a battle for the next couple weeks to see who’s going to get the backup job. It’s a great start for both of them.

How much skill and smarts go into that pass by Frost?

That’s Frosty. He came in camp with a swagger. He did the work this summer. I talked about that the other day. He’s thicker. He’s got that swagger, that confidence, and that’s what he does on the power play. The organization needs guys like that to step up. Frosty knows that. He realizes that and came to camp in great shape. It’s early in camp, but he is doing the right thing right now.

Hayden Hodgson is a player you gained a lot of confidence last year in Lehigh with, a guy who can come out and be physical, create energy on the forecheck, did he show that again tonight?

He did. I feel bad because I lost him. He doesn’t kill penalties. He doesn’t play on the power play, so I lost him on the bench. In training camp, you need to get noticed and he did. It was a borderline clean hit if you ask me, but he backed it up. He’s a physical player and I know that people in Philly love that. He knows that too, so he proved to the new boss that he’s willing to do that. Fighting is not part of our game as much as it used to, but it’s still a little part of it. He showed he’s not afraid to do that.

Philadelphia Flyers C Jackson Cates

Hayden’s kind of came out of nowhere last year and you had the opportunity to play in Lehigh. What stands out from his game, you mentioned the forechecking side.

Yeah, he’s a big powerful forward and he’s got a lot of size. He uses it to his advantage and he’s a big strong player. His forechecks unreal and he works hard. He can fight so he’s an all-around dynamic player. He can score too.

Jackson with the injuries at center do you feel like you have a pretty solid shot at maybe getting a job here?

Yeah, I’m just going to stick to my game and do what I can do. If it works out, it works out. I’m going to work my hardest and take that last spot.

So, what was it like playing with your brother tonight?

Yeah, he’s a lot of fun. He’s cool to play with and play well together now. He’s even been playing since we were two years old together. It’s fun translating to the pro level.

Boston Bruins Coach Jim Montgomery

You wanted to see who can make plays, I had to assume that Laukos goal was on that list

Yeah, he just continues. From the first two days of camp, he just continues to impress. He’s a dominant player out there right now.

Does that surprise you at all, the long layoff, sometimes guys kind of ease their way in or their a little bit tentative but he looks pretty assertive out there.

I think that’s the word is assertive. It’s very impressive for a year off, missing a whole season. For him to the confidence that he’s playing with the puck right now, it’s really good

I know it’s only a few days, game tonight, whatever you take from it. But what do you see in Fabian Lysell that stood out to you?

Just the way he attacks on ice, even on the power play, you can see how he makes good decisions. He has a shot for his mentality but also, he has the ability to make plays. He set up Beecher there on a real nice play on the power play with the one-time.

You potentially have a spot open in the top nine, with Marchand out, are you looking for him to make it hard for you to make that decision?

Yeah, I think we’re looking for everybody to make it hard, but him in particular would be nice.

What could potentially bring, obviously you’ve got a few older players with Bergeron, and Marchand when he gets back, and Krejci, do you need that young infusion of energy in the lineup?

I think if you look at all teams, you want to have a veteran presence and great leaders like we have. I think anytime you bring some youth into the lineup. Especially the dressing room, it makes everybody else have more energy.
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