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Danny Briere Could Be Perfect GM to bring the Canadiens Back Home.

December 1, 2021, 1:05 PM ET [44 Comments]
As a hockey fan, the Canadiens have always been my second team. I love everything about Montreal. The city, the culture, and the lore that is the Montreal Canadiens. I love the magic. The Torch. The dominance I grew up watching in the 70s.

As a hockey writer, I have grown to love the fanbase. The passion. And I love a team that doesn’t accept anything less than Stanley Cups. I love a team whose fans won’t let them tear it down to a rebuild. I love a standard that this team used to hold itself to. I love the fact that there will NEVER be a Montreal Canadiens version of “Tanknation.” As a reporter, I know that sometimes a team benefits from tanking, but I still don;t believe in it. I have so much more respect for teams that win as a result of smart moves and developing players than having a superstar handed to them in a draft because the were absolutely awful.

I have felt the standard that the Canadiens are about slipping under Begevin. I love the guy’s passion and I truly hope he stays in the game. He is the “Everyman” GM. But in my opinion, he has not carried the torch high enough and demanded the team be not only outstanding on the ice, but an example for all others to look to.

I do believe that Scott Gorton will bring that back. He is really classy and also knows how to retool without tanking. He is smart and respected. I also understand how he is not French and why the Canadiens need a French Canadian. Hockey guy to talk directly to the fans and the media. There are some good options, but none better than Danny Briere.

Briere has been working a few years as a GM in Maine, but beyond that he is a guy who understands Montreal and what it means to be a Montreal Canadien. He also played for the team at a time when the team had lost his way and I believe he went there because of his absolute love and desire to pull on that jersey.

Briere is not only a smart hockey guy, but he is flawless with the media. I have never met a person who doesn’t just adore the guy. He is so real and so fair, but he also is so very on top of all that is happening on and of the ice with a hockey team. He and Gorton could be the ultimate team that brings Montreal back to what it is they were and should always remain. The class of the NHL.

What are your thoughts?
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