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Ranking The Retro Jerseys

November 16, 2020, 2:58 PM ET [35 Comments]
Sean Maloughney
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Happy Monday everyone! I am going to throw my own list into the fray, ranking all of the new Reverse Retro jerseys that were revealed today. Instead of trying to do a 31-1 type of ranking I instead have chosen to create categories to lump all of the jerseys into. Enjoy.


Anaheim Ducks: Some people seem to enjoy these but... I just can't. I am a huge fan of the oldschool duck mask logo but the whole body leaping through the water? This looks far too much like a college hockey team jersey and not in a good way.

Detroit Red Wings: Yes the Red Wings logo is iconic and remains relatively unchanged over the years but man these are boring jerseys. Way too much white and the grey really doesn't do much to help anything here pop. Dull.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Like the Red Wings the logo is iconic but here it just looks so bland. A huge version of the most basic logo ever used (would have loved to have seen the one from the 30's-60's) on a big blue canvas.


Dallas Stars: The team could have gone with something that paid more tribute to the old North Stars days or something that popped more with the old yellow trim but instead we get this mostly all white thing. Not bad just lazy as the title suggests.

New York Islanders: I had to do a quick google search to see how these jerseys vary from the ones currently being used and I am still unclear of what has changed.

Vancouver Canucks: Was really hoping we would see a return to the old black red and yellow logo and design but instead we get the same jersey with the lines going a more diagonal way.

Winnipeg Jets: It's always nice to see the old Jets logo but on this grey it really isn't doing anything for me.

San Jose Sharks: Personally I've never been a big fan of the Sharks jerseys in general and the reverse arm striping and off-white main torso receives a barely passing grade for me.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Looks far too much like a baseball jersey to me. Penguins fans will enjoy seeing the likes of Crosby and Malkin wearing the jersey that the likes of Lemieux and Jagr wore but as a design it is nothing special.

Tampa Bay Lightning: Nothing new here and the old logo just wasn't ever that cool.


Edmonton Oilers: The orange on top looks great on these jerseys and the whole design is bright and makes the logo pop on the white torso. Edmonton hasn't had many redesigns over the years but this makes a couple small changes on a great look.

Nashville Predators: The current all yellow Preds jerseys are ugly and this is a massive upgrade. The white shoulders, seperated from the yellow by the blue is a neat and clean look. Big bonus for including the skull design on the shoulders.

Philadelphia Flyers: Not a huge departure but the black on the shoulders on what I think is a slightly darker orange than their current jerseys just look good with the black and orange of the logo.

Buffalo Sabres Never been a big fan of the actual buffalo part of the Buffalo Sabres. Keeping the focus on the clashed swords is a great look.


Washington Capitals: Very happy to see them bring back the old screaming eagle logo on a red and navy blue combo that just looks sweet together.

Ottawa Senators: The Senators announced earlier this off-season that they would return to the old logo, much to the delight of fans everywhere. Here they get to double down on that fact with a smooth red and black design that looks straight out of the past.

New York Rangers: Lady Liberty returns! I may have liked to see a bit more in the shoulder area but the simple red and white cuts on the arms look great.

LA Kings: The Kings have had some bad jerseys in the past with a mix of purple and yellow that just are not appealing to look at. That is not the case here as the gold and royal purple look phenomenal together here.

Florida Panthers: Confession time; I like the old Panther better than the new one. That being said the predominantly red jerseys with the blue trim weren't that great. Switching them around with a more blue focus really helps the logo stand out more and it looks great.


New Jersey Devils: For a team that always has been known for red being the focus, seeing a nearly all green jersey is odd but wow they look good. Minnesota should be jealous that Jersey makes their colours look better.

Minnesota Wild: Or at least that might have been the case if the Wild didn't make their own case by emphasizing the yellows with the greens. I actually find it much easier to see the bear in the Wild logo...something that it took me far too long to notice in the first place.

Montreal Canadiens: An Original Six retro jersey done right. The focus on the blue with a single red strip through the middle and the logo is a clean and effective look that still mixes things up enough to feel unique.

Chicago Blackhawks: Not 100% if the torso is black or a very dark blue but regardless the whole jersey has a very Winter Classic feel (which makes sense considering how many they have had). The old circular logo is a nice touch which completes this great jersey.

St Louis Blues: Again, for a team that is so known for one colour, in this case it's blues, seeing a bright red jersey is off-putting only for a moment until you take the full jersey in. I love seeing the old yellow music bars as the stripes.


Arizona Coyotes: The old Coyotes jerseys with the full coyote always looked pretty messy to me. Focusing simply on the face and the mask looks sweet and reminds me once more how good the Ducks jersey could have been if they followed suit. The Arizona landscape and cacti at the bottom could have come off cheesy but honestly it all looks great.

Columbus Blue Jackets - Just an absolute brilliant design. The oldschool B with the hockeystick through it shouldn't work as well as it does and yet here we are. The whole look certainly has a Capitals feeling to it but is unique in it's own merit.

Calgary Flames: I like Blasty. Sue me.


Vegas Golden Knights: Yeah it's weird to see Vegas as having a Retro Jersey but it is important to remember they are paying homage to hockey in Vegas. The crossed swords is a simple look and the grey gold and red work well together.

Carolina Hurricanes: I love any time that the Hurricanes chose to pay respect to their roots in the Hartford Whalers. That's it. That's the post.

Colorado Avalanche: Why is everything the Avs are doing right now the absolute best decision? The Hurricanes going back to their Hartford roots as great which is exactly what Colorado did with their Quebec Nordiques inspired jersey but using their own colour scheme just seals the deal, making this the best jersey of the bunch.

That should be everyone... I don't think I am missing any of the jerseys.... wait shoot I am I almost forgot my last category.


Thanks for reading.
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