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Panthers Uncaged Episode 3 Review, Release the Kraken!

July 24, 2020, 10:19 AM ET [14 Comments]
Matt Ross
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Another solid episode of the docuseries in the books from the Florida Panthers. I give this one 3/4 stars. I'll keep this review short, since, let's face it, there was some pretty exciting news in the hockey world yesterday...

I really liked the inside look at the boys on the ice in this episode. While we know the entire practice isn't full of smiles and friendly razzing, it was cool to see that side of it. It reminded me of growing up playing and doing the same thing during practice. It's nice to see that no matter the age or level, guys still keep it loose.

The slice of life they incorporated into it about the rising numbers of COVID cases was a nice touch, since you can see how it effects these guys each day from a mental aspect. Interesting how a number of the guys opted to stay in their home towns to train in the beginning phases.

But my favorite part of the episode was the section on Bob and Driedger. What I liked about it was them acknowledging what we all know...there's a goalie controversy.

Despite many folks' thinking that the money the Cats spent to get Bob makes him an automatic #1, the fact is, it doesn't.

The reality is, there is a guy making a fraction of the money Bob makes, and is looking better than #72 in the blue paint - at least up until this break. It's been a (pleasantly) surprising story in the hockey world.

So who gets the nod for game one?

I'm sure that depends on who looks the best in this mini-training camp, but I have to believe this past season's play is being heavily taken into consideration.

Bob has had a lot of time to think and prepare for this "second act" of the 2019-20 season. From the video, it was good to hear that he's not happy with his performance thus far and is determined to correct things. Does he return to Vezina form, or continue to strugle? Like any playoffs, the goaltending is going to be clutch in this series against the Islanders.

Seattle Kraken

After something like 20 months, the Seattle NHL franchise finally released their name, logo and sweaters.

First off, the video they released is pretty awesome, in my opinion. I also dig the Kraken name. An ancient, mysterious, mythological sea monster that has terrorized the open waters and sailers for eons? Pretty cool:

When it comes to the logo, I think they borrowed a little bit from the Chicago White Sox.

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A legend from the deep awakens.

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The jersey is simple, which I like, and uses some unique colors. I can't make my full decision yet until I see the setup with buckets, gloves, pants and socks, but I think it has promise. The anchors are a nice touch with the Space Needle making up the body of the anchor. The only knock I have on it is that I think the Milwaukee Admirals use the anchor as a shoulder patch, too. Whatever though.

The real question is...who are they going to poach, and more importantly, who will they target on the Panthers?

It's hard to know what Ron Francis has planned, so you be the GM.

1. From the Cats perspective: Who do you protect and who do you leave exposed for the expansion draft?

2. From the Kraken perspective: Who do you go after on Florida, and as a new organization, how can you get them?

I think the league is changing the rules a bit since the Vegas draft where they had a lot of power/leverage over teams, so it will be interesting to see what Seattle can put together...


We're so close to hockey being back...Go Panthers!
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