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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Penguins Sign Tristan Jarry
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Location: Brampton
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Jul 1 @ 4:01 PM ET
Penguins Sign Tristan Jarry 5 years 5.3 Mill per...good move?
Pittsburgh Penguins
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
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Jul 1 @ 4:03 PM ET
Just absolutely hideous
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Jul 1 @ 4:04 PM ET
Jarry Seinfeld turned down $100 mill for a season.
Pittsburgh Penguins
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Jul 1 @ 4:06 PM ET
Awful signing if true. Way too much money and term for a guy who can't stay healthy for more than 5-7 games at a time.
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Pittsburgh Penguins
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Jul 1 @ 4:07 PM ET
This is terrible had all the leverage and gave this clown 5M
What has he done hasn't proven a thing.

Bad bad terrible.
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Jul 1 @ 4:08 PM ET
Wow. The very last thing I was expecting to see today
The Looper
Detroit Red Wings
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Jul 1 @ 4:28 PM ET
The knock against Dufas is that he is the worst manager of the salary cap. So, be prepared Pens fans next season when Dufas will need to trade 1st round picks to move terrible contracts that he signed.
Pittsburgh Penguins
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Jul 1 @ 4:40 PM ET
I just threw up in my mouth. This deal flat out stinks. The term is a killer. When he gets hurt yet again, has a playoff gaffe and chokes, the Pens will fall on their sword.
Anaheim Ducks
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Jul 1 @ 4:57 PM ET
Murray Redux.
Bob Habib
Philadelphia Flyers
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Jul 1 @ 5:04 PM ET
I didn't know that the penguins planned to tank

Great signing if so! Ans at such a great AAV!

And you guys hated hextall 🤣🤣