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Jul 19 @ 6:52 PM ET
Now this is not actually my rumor. I am just posting what I heard. The Oilers have wanted Kuemper since Tippett joined the team. Arizona has been floating him if a team is willing to take on one of their larger contracts.

I am not sure what the complete deal looks like. What I am hearing from a source I trust is that it includes Kuemper and Kessel. Players going the other way are Yamamoto and Koskinen.

I am not sure what balances this out but these are the major pieces in play. Arizona grabs Kosk to be their backup and sheds Kessel’s 8 mil contract. Plus they want Yamamoto who struggled last year but is a good player.

Oilers are looking for offensive help on the second line and wants to add at least one more Veteran that has been there. They are stuck in a scenario where whomever the sign for the left side will likely want at least 4 years. Plus there are a lot of strong two way guys both available and on the team.

Kessel is not very physical but he is a solid guy that is tougher to move off the puck. Plus this gets rid of Kosks contract which they were looking at buying out and getting Kuemper at his cap hit is most likely cheaper than signing a top goalie like Grubauer. So Edmonton would add 6 mil in cap hit this year but it adds them a goalie which they had to do anyways.

Now everyone loves Yamamoto do this is not going to be a popular deal but I think fans will understand it more when they add a LW like Hyman or Landeskog to fill out the second line. This will allow the Oilers tons of options for Tippett to play with including adding Kessel to the PP where Chaisson played in front of the net. He has always liked a veteran there to top the puck despite the fact that Puljarvi is a big guy and tough to move in front of the net.

Plus Kuemper is a top 5 tender in my books and Montreal showed us what a difference that makes in the playoffs.

The deal makes sense and it sounds like Holland. I wouldn’t say this is a sure think by any means. I just heard there was talk.