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The Ununderstandable Popularity of Shane Doan & Other Thoughts On Things

August 12, 2015, 6:16 PM ET [47 Comments]
James Tanner
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There really isn't a lot to talk about..........but that has never really stopped me before. The NHL season is 499 light years away and so today I'll just write some random stuff for anyone out there who is possibly so bored they are considering This and want to have a good time instead.

First order of business: I know I know it's August and boring for the hockey-nerd type, but why is everyone so invested in where Jeff Pronman from ESPN's ranking of team's prospect depth? I don't know much about Mr. Pronman because I'm not going to pay money to get behind a paywall for anything, but I assume that it's not necessary, generally, to take the opinions of ESPN about hockey all that seriously. I am sure It's an awesome list written by a great guy, but I wouldn't know. I heard that the Coyotes are ranked fourth and I think that is pretty low.

They match up well against both the Buffalo and Toronto systems (teams ranked ahead of them) and I guess you can argue it either way, but is ESPN even really someone to argue with about hockey? Anything in the top third of the league is pretty cool and the Coyotes will be really fun to watch in the next few years no matter where they are ranked: Strome-Domi-OEL-Duclair is one hell of a core to build upon.

What else is cool? Jean jackets are cool. Rico Sauve is cool. Primso is cool.

Another interesting thing that happened is that the Arizona Republic did a poll about who the most popular Arizona athlete is. The results were 70% Shane Doan.

Now, I hope the poll was just conducted terribly because that is a ridiculous answer to give and it's bizarre that it's by such a wide margin. Paul Goldschmidt received only 7% of the almost 7000 responses.

Paul Goldschmidt is not as popular as Shane Doan, a player given a sentimental position on a losing hockey team whom the team really should have moved on from several seasons ago. It's not like I'm not a fan, but the cult-like appeal of this player is just not something I've ever really bought into. Yeah, he was great in his prime and it's cool he stayed with the team all those years, but he's long past his prime.

Dressing him is the NHL equivalent of still using a pager.

But Oliver Ekman-Larsson - who, if he played in Toronto would have the power to run for Prime Minister - isn't even listed in the results.

Of the respondents, apparently under one percent of them are fans of having the NHLs best defenseman on their team. (That is how many "other" votes there were).

What do you even say to that?

Brad Boyes and Cody Franson remain unsigned. Paging Don Maloney.

Here's one of the greatest songs ever written and/or recorded:

Please confine your karate strictly to the dojo:

Thanks for reading.

Have a Nice Day
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