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The Coyotes (sort of) make the playoffs for the first time since 2012

May 28, 2020, 1:28 PM ET [97 Comments]
James Tanner
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The old Coyotes have made the Playoffs.

Well.....sort of.

I don't know if the play-in series really counts as making the playoffs, but the Coyotes were definitely not going to be making the playoffs if the NHL concluded normally this year.

They are a team that is super-reliant on getting elite goaltending and if they don't get it, they are essentially the Ottawa Senators. Only problem is the Senators will pick twice in the top this year and already have at least one elite forward.

The Coyotes do have an elite forward, but he's also a pending UFA.

Now, speaking of Taylor 'my team always gets the #1 pick' Hall, the Coyotes are in good shape here.

They get to play the Predators (not a great team) in an extremely random coin-flip series in which they (the Coyotes) will have the best goalie.

So odds of winning are decent. (Flip a coin).

But if they lose and go into a draft lottery, Taylor Hall's giant-ass head is apparently a magnet for the bingo balls they use to select draft position, so the Coyotes will either make it to the actual playoffs or draft first overall and select sure-to-the-best-player-in-franchise history, Alexis Lafreniere.

Good times! Or, as the case may be, times!

Best Players in Coyotes History

We recently named Curtis Joseph the 22nd best player in Coyotes history. Today, coming in at #21 Dallas Drake.

Now, I know you think I just put him on this list because he has the best name in NHL history (possibly in world history, unless there is a guy named Cigarette Jean Jacket) but Senor Drake is actually the 15th highest scorer in Coyotes history.

And he's an original, coming over from the Jets in the 90s.

Drake played four years with the Coyotes and registered a career high 45 points during the 1999 -00 season.

Somehow his 52 goals over four years ranks him 17th in Coyotes history and honestly Tanner, what are you doing with your life?

Hurray for Dallas Drake?

Top 50 Movies of All Time

50: Limitless
49: Oh Brother Where Art Though?
48: Role Models
47: the Rock
46: Mission Impossible Franchise
45: Nicholas Cage Man Tetrology
43: The Art of Self Defense
42:Walk Hard
41: The Winter Soldier
39: The 6th Day
38: Groundhog Day
37. The Batman Trilogy - Christopher Nolan
36: Jackie Brown
35: Gremlins
34: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
33: Speed
32: Adventure Land
31: Eyes Wide Shut
30: Semi Pro
29. Endgame/Ragnorak Trilogy
28. Baby Driver
27: Next
26: Keanu
25:Annie Hall
24: Catch Me If You Can
23: Serpico
22: Pop Star: Never Stop Stopping

#21 Passenger 57

Starring the (I assume) recently knighted Sir Wesley Snipes, this 1992 classic has everything: Planes, actors, a "set" and a thrill a minute adrenaline rush to your crotch/face.

The box office agrees with me: This is a great movie.

Unfortunately both critics and the IRS do not agree.

Regardless, they can _____ ____ at the moon, because this is a stone cold classic (which, now that I think about it, is only one Stone Cold cameo away from perfection).

Always bet on black, you animals.
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