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Finishing the NHL Season Seems to be a Very Bad Idea

April 26, 2020, 1:46 PM ET [124 Comments]
James Tanner
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The NHL is talking about opening back up in a month, as rumour would have it.

The NHL should be using it's platform to advise people to stay home and stay safe.

They should not be putting the need for money ahead of the need for safety.

Attempting to play out the rest of this season by starting training camp in a month seems crassly irresponsible.

The NHL has teams in cities where they won't let anyone from 5 to 50 people hang out together at once. Then again, they do have two teams in Florida, so who knows. Maybe those times are like "we'll host the games, come here, it's fine!"

Regardless of what Florida thinks, the risk of playing a sport that takes a minimum of 75 people in close proximity to complete a game is too high.

Even if they could isolate the players, what about the high risk ones?

What about the players families? Are they just supposed to not see their families for weeks or months?

For sports and money?

It would be nice if everyone could just inject some bleach and play some hockey, but that's not a realistic option. (Note that if you follow the President's medical instructions you will not be seeing any hockey games at all).

It sucks to cancel the season, but why take the risk?

Maybe in September things will be somewhat normal again. Maybe not.

Maybe we can't have hockey or any sports until there's a vaccine.

I don't know. I'm not a doctor.

I really want to see some hockey, but I haven't heard a single proposal that doesn't seem to be too high risk to attempt.

They are talking about Toronto in a month? I live in Toronto and I haven't left my house in two months. This is crazy. There were about 500 new cases in the province yesterday, according to the Toronto Star.

If they could colonize the moon, maybe build a few rinks up there, then sure, go for it.

If not, it's seems like a bad idea.

In order to play the NHL would need to be able to test hundreds of players and their families almost constantly.

But if that many tests are available, surely they shouldn't just go to a rich sports league so it can make some money?

Widespread testing is - by all accounts - the only way to get life back to somewhat normal before a vaccine is available. Since this is not happening in Canada or America right now, why the hell should the NHL be able to do it?

It would be great if there was at least some hockey to bet on. I've recently put action on a butterfly chrysalis I got two to one, from my bookie, who is just me in a fake mustache.

I obviously want hockey to come back, but nothing so far indicates that it's a good idea.
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