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Coyotes Should Target Patrick Kane

July 11, 2019, 9:15 PM ET [126 Comments]
James Tanner
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The Arizona Coyotes have gone down the road towards contention far enough that there is no going back.

With the majority of their roster either in the midst of, or approaching the end of their prime, the Coyotes have some incentive to add to their team to try and contend.

They have added Phil Kessel this summer - but unless you count Carl Soderberg (you shouldn't) they haven't really done anything to improve their scoring problems, and seem to be counting on some kind of magic from Keller/Schmaltz to provide it.

If the Coyotes are serious about contending, as opposed to just creating the perception of such, then they've got to make another move.

The player they should target is Patrick Kane.

Coming off an incredible 44 goal 110 point season, Kane is the superstar the Coyotes need.

The reason I bring him up is that it's not impossible that the Blackhawks would trade him.

They have almost no chance of making the playoffs next year - barring Robyn Lehner being for real, they are most likely looking at a lottery pick.

Their team isn't very good, and they've got Keith, Seabrook, Saad, and Murphy on some of the worst contracts in the NHL.
The De Haan,and Maata contracts aren't much better.

Neither are Toews or Kanes.

And they've got 11 million locked up in goalies.

It is truly one of the worst salary cap situations in the NHL as well as one of the worst rosters. The Hawks clearly have to rebuild - or at least retool - and trading Kane might be the best way to do that.

Kane is probably decent value for a $10.5 cap hit, but the contract runs another four years and he turns 31 this November.

Given the Hawks salary cap situation, and bad-to-OK prospect situation, you would think they might be inclined to trade the most valuable of their aging core.

And if they're going to trade him, they'll most likely trade him to Arizona since the two teams like to make about four trades per year with each other.

If the Coyotes were willing to move three or four of their next first rounders, maybe a prospect or two, I don't see why something couldn't happen. They'd also have to include some salaried players like Stepan or Goligoski to absorb Kane's cap hit.

Kane would make the Coyotes a dangerous team. The Hawks can use the futures.

It seems like a good fit.

Perhaps Kane isn't the one - but the Coyotes need to be willing to do something like this if they want to win.
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