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Visnovsky Troubles & Satan Returns? Update 11:03 pm

July 23, 2012, 7:57 AM ET [245 Comments]
Dee Karl
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11:03 pm: Oh what a tangled web we weave. Just as I was about to turn off the computer and head to bed, I noticed that Chris Botta has posted on Twitter that via an "NHL Source" the Islanders knew about Visnovsky's grievence filing BEFORE July 1st. If it is true, that may be why they have not made any formal response. Also, if it is true, that sort of means Art Staple did a miserable job finding out so late.

If it's not true ... um... um....

12:31 pm: Always the diplomat, Neil Sheehy is quoted by Art Staple as saying "It's not about lubo saying he doesn't want to go to the Isles. He likes what they say. This is about establishing what's right."

The biggest question is where was Mr. Sheehy last month when it first happened? If he is he agent, which he is, shouldn't he have said that last week in June "Hey! Hey! Anaheim! Lubo has a NTC in his contract! I know. I put it there."

No. They waited until now to put this on the NHLPA's table. Perhaps he is getting a better offer from the KHL and is worried the NHL will be delayed in starting. This just doesn't pass the smell test. It's worse than the Islanders' laundry room after an overtime game.

10:16 am: As per Newsday's Art Staple, Visnovsky has indeed filed a grievence with the NHLPA saying his trade is not valid. The Ducks will oppose the grievence in arbitration. If they win, he has to report to the Isles if not, he remains a Duck and the Islanders should get compensated for it.

Web link for New York Islanders Fan Central's story on Visnovsky: http://www.newyorkislanderfancentral.com/2012/07/visnovsky-may-elect-arbitration-to-void.html?spref=tw

With special consideration to New York Islanders Fan Central and his website, I was not happy reading the above link with my morning coffee.

Are we doing this AGAIN? Is this going to be another summer of "he doesn't want to play here"? But reading through the difficult translation and comments offered up by @NYIFanCentral, it seems that Neil Sheehy is looking into the validity of the Anaheim trade to the Islanders.

If the NHLPA says that it isn't valid, all that great stuff we said about Visnovsky goes right down the drain. I wish he'd speak with Nabokov about playing on the Island. The man went from "I'm not ready to show up to camp" to "I want a no trade clause and a 2-year deal."

More interesting in NYIFC's article is the disclosure that Garth Snow has been discussing a return with Miroslav Satan. Satan lives on Long Island and has since he was under contract here. He trains at Iceworks and has remained friends with the organization.

While he is a little older now than he was when you could see Satan jerseys in the barn, but he did just play for his home country in the Worlds and scored two goals for Slovakia against the Czech Republic.

Seeing how the release of this news is handled will be interesting. Especially since Neil Sheehy represents so many NHlers that have come through the NY Islanders rosters.

PS: If someone else reported this story before NYIFC did, please let me know and I will be happy to add that link as well.

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