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Gordon: Size Doesn't Matter

October 12, 2009, 9:27 PM ET [ Comments]
Dee Karl
New York Islanders Blogger • RSSArchiveCONTACT
Huh? It doesn’t? That’s the size of the LA forwards he's referring to.

Scott Gordon’s answer to Islesblogger.com Mike Schuerlein was “No. The size of their forwards isn’t going to stop you from stopping and starting. It’s not going to dictate a circle.”

It seemed like a good question at the time. Actually, it seemed like a good question later in the interview too when IslesOfficial.com Doug asked about traffic in front of Biron and whether the defensemen were boxing out properly. “Well, that’s where the bigger forwards do have an impact.”

Um. Okay. I’m going to chalk this up as a Teddy Nolan moment of contradiction. But I’m sure that Scott Gordon was just thinking in two different directions and didn’t realize his seemingly contradictory statements that size does or doesn’t matter.

Later on in the parking lot, a “MSM” type walked by our gaggle of bloggeratzi and said “They were just too big for us.” WAIT!!! Are you saying size DOES matter?? So make sure you check www.islesblogger.com for the rest of his questions to Scott Gordon and his post game locker room interviews.

Okay, more importantly than the size dispute was how Scott Gordon characterized the loss, “We got lazy.” Ouch. He reiterated it. “We got lazy. That’s where the stopping and starting comes in and the recognition of supporting the defensemen in puck retrieval situations that we didn’t do.”

According to Doug Weight, if the could play a full 60 minutes they would probably be 3 – 1, or 3 – 0 – 1. But they haven’t found a way to do that yet.

Doug Davidson got off a few more questions for Coach Gordon as the press room seemed eerily quiet. You can check him out at http://islesofficialsoutlook.blogspot.com/.

Okay, it was a disappointing loss when there was such a positive, supportive crowd in attendance. They stayed with the team the entire game. There was no “fake fan noise” or studio enhanced audio track. This was a lively, loud young crowd. “It was a great day game. They are so passionate about us. We have a GREAT fan base. They were with us the whole time!” Islanders Director of Communications, Seth Sylvan told me in Press room 6.

They were LOUD. Maybe sound, like heat, rises. But it was an amazing sound. He continued “The fans, the kids, they came out and showed us that there is a lot of passion and excitement around this team." The NY Islanders are still leading the way in group sales as there were dozens of large groups in attendance. There were even two groups of youngsters from Denmark who were playing in a tournament attending. Sadly Frans Nielsen wasn’t playing, but there was a meet and greet scheduled for them that Mr. Sylvan left me to go take care of.

Another oddity that I noticed in the game, and that was clarified in the parking lot by those who have an eye for these things, was that Kyle Okposo dropped his stick three times and broke another. I found this unusual, which is why I was keeping track of it. “Do you think Kyle had new gloves or something?” I asked the blogger boys thinking they would have a better understanding of what was wrong.

“Funny you should say that. When Kyle was being interviewed I noticed a pair of 221 gloves. Those just came out.” I was told. Hmmm… So, maybe I was right. I would have asked Kyle myself, but the room was so crowded today, I just retreated to wait for Scott Gordon.

Also interesting reading regarding today’s game and post game is Ken’s http://okposo.blogspot.com/ blog. And I’m not just saying that because he mentioned me, I say it because his entries are always good reading.

Yep, I don’t like day games. They throw me all off. They throw the Islanders off too. But even without the two points for the team, I got a few pointers in the press box and the parking lot and another good look at Matt Moulson and Robbie Schremp.

I’d like to thank the blogger boys and one of my MSM friends (You know who you are!!!) for daring me to write that headline about size. But it’s just SO appropriate!
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