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Witching Hour, or Month, is Here. The Crucible is in Full Effect.

June 8, 2024, 7:06 PM ET [1157 Comments]
Brad Lohr
Buffalo Sabres Blogger • RSSArchiveCONTACT
Happy summer everyone, apparently us Sabres fans whine, so perhaps I can be fluffy and soft as the cottonwood litters the landscape. The finals are here, two teams comprised with different concepts, definitely hard to have adverse feelings for either of them. Just want to see some passionate hockey, there are storylines to embrace on both sides. It would be nice to be priming with friends and family to go downtown in shorts, and watch the puck drop in our own city again. Nothing like sitting inside watching a winter sport as the compressors struggle to solidify the surface that gets a scrape more often than usual. The Stanley Cup Final is captivating for sure. For those of us who truly embrace the culture, we get what it feels like to be in the moment. Congratulations to Florida and Edmonton. This seven-game series is in my opinion one of the most physical and mental challenges of all the major leagues. To actually get to this point is an accomplishment in itself. Let’s face it. Everyone has taken a beating. It is survival of the streets. The dynamics of what each player has gone through we will never know. What we do understand is that the NHL playoffs is a war, and the parody in hockey transcends what other athletes might go through. The puck on your stick in overtime, you are not looking at an empty basket. You are being faced by someone who is your foe, and if you remember the masks of the past, they intentionally made themselves look like villains. A big athletic stop, an amazing shot from the whip of a weapon. There simply is nothing like it. When a coach states that his squad needs to go on attack, it literally means imposing your will on an opponent with force. I am sure you can come up with other arguments that support parallel aspects within all of the major sports, but being in a corral of ice with the possibility of someone taking your head off just might Trump everything. Whether I am Guilty or not of being biased, there is no doubt that when you are out there it is always Stormy. You know what I am saying? If the series has any lapses, or is a letdown, hopefully we will get some decent mammaries to remember.

To get you pumped up, this was the wild and Woolley day in history that Jason scored in Dallas. Seems like ages ago –

Our common goal is to experience moments like this again. As we all know, the next four weeks are crucial to taking the next step for our organization. I am not going to sit here again and proclaim my confusion at the silence. Adams is tied to the stake, and we are facetiously dragging him to Salem. Put your money where your mouth is, put up or shut up, practice what you preach, etc… Obviously there has to be a plan, but it is whether it gets implemented to expectations is going to be the real story. Will we get burned or saved?

Let’s take a quick look at some of our lineup. These are my top guys that I believe are essential to the core.

Keepers –

Tage Thompson - Has to have a bounce back year but has proven to have superior skills that not many can attain. Great long-term contract if he can produce on a consistent level.

Rasmus Dahlin - Got his money, but he deserved it. He is the full package when it comes to a number one. He is only going to get better and plays with an edge. It took some time but we have a guy that every team covets.

Dylan Cozens – Along with Tage, you have to build through the middle. Any team who doesn’t invest in center is failed. You need at least three, it is yet to be seen if we have another one that is worthy. After an off year, the kid showed he has what it takes playing for Canada. If he can put up the numbers again and get close to the thirty-mark, he is exactly what an ideal NHL prototype is. Tough, tenacious, and he has your back.

Alex Tuch – A power forward who loves to put on our jersey. Give me four of these guys. Still signed for a couple more years. Top line guy and awesome teammate. Brings it every night when he can.

John Jason Peterka – The sky is the limit for this kid. When he turns it up it is noticeable. Sometimes hands down the best guy on the ice. Will be interesting to see what kind of money he will be looking for after this years campaign. We scored on this draft choice.

Jack Quinn – Stay healthy Ponyboy and you might scare the heck out of all of us. The shot, the shifty moves, the right place at the right time, you have it all.

Owen Power – The first over all choice is a blessing when he is on his game and has some offensive potential. He could be a force, but we just have to make sure Richard Smehlik doesn’t sell him anymore of his purses. Love the kid. He has all of the tools and a great personality. We just need to harden his shell.

Zach Benson – Yes, I have a slight crush on this kid. Getting drafted at his size, and actually cracking the roster is tough enough as it is, but especially with Buffalo. The boy is not afraid to mix it up and he is fearless. Thirty points is a great rookie season.

Definitely left a few off here, I will get into them next time.

Thanks for your time as we all await breaking news.

Brad Lohr
Aka: Lumberhacks
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