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A Spirited Effort in the Peg Comes up Short Amid Two Deplorable Losses

November 18, 2023, 4:51 PM ET [2700 Comments]
Brad Lohr
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I would have written something about the abysmal performances against the Penguins and Bruins, but I thought that it just would have been an enhanced resonation of the pain that we are enduring as Buffalo sports fans. We have had a bad week. From the unacceptable Broncos defeat, to the embarrassing loss to the Bruins on home ice, our collective souls are trying to grasp at anything positive. Armchair quarterbacks or centers are enigmatic at best, but Buffalo, we have a voice. We fight for our right to party, but we also fight for our right to be recognized to be intelligent, passionate, welcoming people. We are a gem in the quagmire of misery. We are so close to success, and the athletes we bring into our utopia need to realize that we are a blessed opportunity compared to other markets. A community who cares, a place where you can make a difference. A situation to behold, be grateful that you are in it. If you succeed and give us your best, we will embrace you. It is pretty simple. You have the good fortune to be in a territory that you can make a difference. To the Sabres and Bills players, please dig deep and make an impact. We need you, and you need us. We are on the precipice of greatness or failure, choose the path that will make us proud. You are professional athletes. You get paid to have the fight in the dog. We are watching. You are mentors to our children and generations beyond. Step it up. The witching season is here. When December turns into January it might just be too late.

Obviously, I am having a moment. Sorry. I know this blog is going to be sporadic, a synapsis of too many thoughts coming together. I have to try and be artistic because sometimes creativity suppresses anger. Overall, my selfishness might be a better route to salvation. What we are enduring with our professional teams is not acceptable. As I have said before, please make no mistake, I am a homer. If you grew up in this beautiful place and continually reside here, your favorite teams better be ours. You can admire other players who don’t wear our jerseys, but do not teach your kids that it’s ok to like the Leafs, Steelers, or any other organization for that matter. Our new coordinator Brady was wearing the sweatshirt, “Buffalo vs. Everybody”, take it in and believe in it.

Whew.. Back to the hockey. Two games under five hundred is a precarious place to be at best. With our star player being out, and management being vague about the time and specifics about his injury, we are on the Ali rope a dope ropes. Pretty impressive effort in Winnipeg which showed some promise, but we just aren’t getting the offense that we need. We only give up eighteen shots on goal and lose the game. What the Ek is going on here? The Pens and Bruins contests were something to forget, and I am discouraged in some of the coaching concepts. We have started slow in almost every tilt. It is making us chase the victory instead of controlling it. I am old school for sure. One of these evenings I hope to see our boys come out pummeling opponents and scaring people to death. We need to establish an identity.

Here are a couple of clips of my favorite moments in the embarrassing losses before last night. UPL getting scored on from behind the goal line in the last seconds of the period, and the only guy who brings it every night giving a shot to Marchand.

Are we really dealing with this? Off the back of the dome? Comrie let in a random one as well.

Back to our hero. I was wondering… Could somebody get away with hammering this coward and then licking his cheek while he is on the ground? Since he was peculiar enough to do it and get away with it, does somebody get a free pass? I hate the Bruins… We could have paid Ullmark a modest contract and we would not have been in this position. Hindsight is blind.


Game 18
Buffalo Sabres, 7-9-1, vs. Chicago Blackhawks, 5-9-0
Sunday, November 19 at 7:00 pm
The United Center, Chicago, IL

We get to see Connor Bedard in action. Hopefully we are ready for the task. In the absence of Tage Thompson, I was encouraged of the effort against the Jets. Recurring mistakes and a horrible power play have plagued our club. Goaltending average at best. It’s time bring the noise.

Notes from Bob Marley..

“Every man thinks his burden is the heaviest”
Transcend the status quo and get us some wins boys. This is starting to tick us off.

Notes from my buddies favorite fishing hole that I have never been to. It’s just not my thing. DP…. You are one of the good ones, I am privileged to have you as my friend.

Dear Terry… We will be forever thankful to you for saving our franchises and trying to help us move in the right direction. Let’s not talk about the Bills until after Sunday. Your GM however has made some questionable moves with your cherished blue and gold. The veterans that you have let Kevin choose to mentor our youth simply aren’t getting it done because they don’t have aging superior skill. We don’t have a Gilmour, Messier, or a Chelios. We don’t have a snake. We do not have someone who still has the ability to take control when things are going bad. I do still think Zemgus brings it and can play a role, but give him a chance with some other players. Does anybody remember that he can play center? No more trust the process. How about enhance the process. It is an accomplishment to play 1000 games, and being classy about it is admirable. Great guy but he is virtually invisible. Enough said.. Make Adams use assets and bring someone in here that can make a difference. Our forward depth is killing us. You can’t wait on prospects who might make an impact if they don’t play. Find me a modern day Rick Vaive.

Am I that old or does anybody remember when Lindy used to roll out Matt Ellis instead of Vanek and we would all cringe? Ed Ronan anybody? Lou Franceschetti? Colin Patterson? Seeing Matt behind the bench instead of Michael Peca is perplexing. I think our assistant coaches aren’t that good. James Patrick?? We are missing something here.

Congratulations to Alex Iafallo for carving out an impressive NHL career. I have chased his smooth skating father around the adult leagues many times back in the day. Hacking, chopping, grabbing. I had no chance. This kid has pedigree and I wonder why we never though of bringing him into the fold to play in his home town in front of his family and friends. Get people who want to play here and embrace the city. Am I right? Is that not the regurgitated, constant message being shoved down our throats?

Lastly.. I have pounded the drum already but Zach Benson can play in this league and should not be sent anywhere. Let number nine play and figure it out. His tenacity is visible and he isn’t afraid. The penalty at the end of the game in Manitoba was total nonsense. The fact that nobody accompanied him to the box tells me that the referees are clueless. What a joke.

Thanks –

Hopefully talking about success next time -

Brad Lohr
Aka: Lumberhacks
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