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Are the Jets running out of fuel?

February 8, 2019, 9:53 AM ET [71 Comments]
Peter Tessier
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Sure the Habs played a great game. They are well-coached play a tight high-tempo system and adhere to it but did the Jets hand them that game last night because they are simply running out of fuel?

Shut down 55-26-??? and basically there's not much there anymore and while the Jets are a talented team through the roster if they can't keep up, the talent gap closes pretty quick and that was on display last night. Go back the San Jose game and think of some the brain farts and then look at last night.

Look at how the Jets try to break out. Often they look for the short pass, a chip up or out and opposition teams are realizing that it's an easy breakout to defend against and the Habs were experts at it last night. When teams are tired or lack energy they can't execute, passes are off, weak or positioning is off or players are trying to catch up to the play.

How many times due to poor shifts was a Jets player deep in the Habs zone, alone trying to hold possession against 2-3 players?

It was a gong show for Winnipeg last night and basically a spanking. The players and coach knew it too as both Paul Maurice and Blake Wheeler accepted blame for themselves and the team, but why did it happen?

That's the mystery and one theory, the overs usage of minutes on Wheeler and Scheifele is having a downward effect and if they run out of steam it seems there is no one left to pick them up. Perhaps thats the reason the Jets are rumoured to be looking at Mark Stone of the Senators.

More and more rumblings are coming out that Winnipeg is interested and if you believe the talking heads form the major hockey media networks then the Jets are prepared to spend a first round pick on an asset but home town boy Stone would cost plenty more than that.

Stone is a huge upgrade on many aspects of the Jets game but does he solve all the problems? Winnipeg has to play to opposition too and if they are gassed it's a pretty easy puzzle to solve to beat them.

Let's be clear that can be a bad game aberration but in all honesty how often have we seen this show so far this season? If you are a good team, a deep and talented game, you are going to win games but not when playing poorly and the Jets really have not played well for some time, at least not with any consistency. They give up shots like free food samples at Costco and can't seem to control the front of the net at all.

Yes it's easy to pile on after a 5-2 beat down but unlike the last time the Jets lost 5-2 to the Habs, the inaugural game in 2011, there was hope and optimism and low expectations. Now it's far different and the Jets have to live up to who they should be, and that goes from players to management.
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