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Introducing the Peter Chiarelli Trophy

April 4, 2018, 12:38 PM ET [78 Comments]
Ryan Wilson
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The regular season is going to end this week and the teams that will have an opportunity to raise the Stanley Cup this spring will be set. With the conclusion of the regular season there are also discussions taking place on who will win the individual awards. In classic NHL fashion not only are the trophies poorly named, but so are the guidelines for that they've laid out. This is specifically true for the Hart Trophy which has writers trying to decipher the best player in the league from the player who means the most to their team. We already have the latter, it's called the Vezina Trophy. Yet, here we are arguing over Connor McDavid's value to the Oilers and the guy Peter Chiarelli traded away from the Oilers because he didn't provide enough value to the Oilers GM.

I hate the way the award is written and I hate that players like Connor McDavid are held accountable for idiotic decisions by a general manager on a team he didn't choose to play for. It's moronic. Do you remember the look on his face when they announced where he was going? That was the look of "Damn! My career is going to be wasted!". You're right, it is. Part of your wasted career is going to be you missing out on individual awards because certain writers are going to completely leave you off the ballot and can't use common sense.

Your 103 points (with two games left to play) are not good enough. Keep in mind that by hitting the 100 point barrier you are one of five players since 2011 to do so. You join Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Daniel Sedin, and Patrick Kane. You are however the only player to do it more than once. I'm sorry though, Connor. As a result of Chiarelli trading away both Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle while simultaneously wasting 10M in cap space on Milan Lucic and Kris Russell you won't get MVP votes like those other players. You just weren't good enough. I guess Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin were just lucky enough that Ray Shero didn't trade one of you away. None of the bumbling general managers of Vancouver would ever dream of breaking up the twins. Stan Bowman would never dare trade away the best leader in sports. How else will Kaner stay in line? However, you lost Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle for peanuts. Why didn't you do something about that?!

I'm not saying Connor McDavid should definitely win the Hart Trophy because I believe that Taylor Hall and Nate MacKinnon have great resumes as well. I'm saying it's horrendous that people will literally not vote for McDavid because of what an ignoramus Peter Chiarelli is. And an ignoramus he is

McDavid is a prisoner of the draft lottery and it will be held against him.

Good news though. I have a solution. We are going to create a new award to help out the players that are getting screwed over by the 200 hockey men club. It is going to be the Peter Chiarelli Trophy. It is going to go to the most outstanding player from the group of teams that don't make the playoffs. Part of winning the award will be giving that player the option while at the podium to ask for a trade without any judgment being placed on them by the 200 hockey men. No longer will awesome players not be recognized because of the idiot that runs their team. No longer will they have to sit quiet and watch the prime years of their career bleed through the hour glass of time. You will now be recognized and be given the guilt free trade request you were too scared to make because of hockey culture.

I can think of no better person to name the award after than Peter Chiarelli. Your name can now be forever linked to great players in their prime who are submarined by terrible roster choices.

Things might not work out for you this year Connor, but I've got you covered for the future.

Thanks for reading!
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