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Clutching and Grabbing: The Life and Times of B.D. Gallof. Part 19

May 21, 2007, 10:05 AM ET [ Comments]
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B.D. Gallof

I have been asked from numerous Hockeybuzz members and writers if I could provide a catch-up retrospective to my on-going serial hockey satire.
This series came about from a rather infamous blog on the MyHockeybuzz feature when Eklund first introduced it. It actually almost landed in Newsday, but the editor and I realized that it really wasn’t going work for them due to size restrictions for the space they'd be able to put it in.
Anyway, here is that first little blog that started it all off:

Fear & Loathing on Long Island

And now to our retrospective . . .

Clutching and Grabbing: The Life and Times of B.D. Gallof

A long time ago, in a
galaxy far, far away... It is a
period of the “New NHL”. Rebel Hockey
Enforcers led by a mad Hockeybuzz blogger
have struck Toronto ’s NHL Video Review offices.
Narrowly escaping the grasp of the nefarious Colin
Campbell, their leader manages to break-in to the NHL
headquarters in NYC disguised as a hockey puck. As a
surprise to no one, NHL’s video security can’t seem to find
the puck. At NHL headquarters Darth Bettman has his
ultimate weapon: A SAFE & SOFT HOCKEY marketing
plan. With this marketing plan, he has enough power to
destroy an entire hockey league. Pursued by the NHL’s
sinister agents, B.D. Gallof, given his mission by none
other than Gordie Howe on a burning Zamboni, faces
the evil of the New NHL and Darth Bettman.
He alone can save old-time hockey and
restore freedom to the galaxy...

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Road To Buffalo

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Life of a Hockey Writer

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Robbery in Toronto

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Fists of Fury

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Battle of Ontario

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Who’s Beating Who?

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Into the Belly of the Beast

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The Killer Instinct: The Tale of Two Teams in the NHL Playoffs

Blog #19
This little retrospective

Blog #20
Coming Tuesday. A rousing finale chock full of all sorts of craziness.

Stay Tuned! And thanks for reading.

- BD
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