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Wrapping Things Up

September 5, 2014, 3:52 PM ET [213 Comments]
Travis Yost
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Every Christmas Eve (and not a day sooner), I attempt to wrap gifts for my friends and family. It usually concludes as follows:

This is, of course, shockingly bad. Part of it is because selective laziness knows no limit. Part of it is because I wrap gifts precisely once a year, have never really tried to improve on the art of gift-wrapping, and generally have craft skills that rival a five year-old. I am OK with this, though my friends and family have sort of made it a running joke to mock whatever I wrap and preemptively point it out under the Christmas tree.

I think the first part of that is the important one. It's not something I do often, so I never have a chance at improving.

Hockey writing's been different. I've written here every day for the past five years or so. In the last couple of years, I've sort of shifted that writing -- mostly the stats stuff -- towards larger platforms. I look back on some of the stuff that I wrote in 2009 and 2010 and wonder how I was able to even dress myself in the morning. I look at some of the stuff I've produced in the last two years, and I think it's pretty good. (I have no doubt in my mind that, four years from today, I'll look back at 2014 writing with horror.)

My writing here has been a daily gift-wrapping process (tape everywhere; that's always the answer!). We've come up with some fantastic ideas and flushed out some terrible ones. We've had some fascinating discussions spanning months, and we've had some awful discussions that really want you to bring out the old SCALR error message that used to pervade this site in years past. It's kind of nuts to think about it, but the number of posts actually filed here has to be well into the thousands. And the word counts -- I don't even want to think about it.

Before putting a bow on the final gift here, I did want to thank the many of you who have read my posts daily. And a special thanks to those who interacted in the applicable comments sections, or circulated the content when I produced it. You guys kept the hamster on the wheel.

But it's not goodbye! It's see you later :).

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