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Day 2: All Time D & Other Notes

October 1, 2012, 11:04 PM ET [122 Comments]
Dee Karl
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Tues 10/2 5:07 pm: Damn! I'm being called out a little for leaving off Dave Langevin and Bert Marshall. Sorry Brooks!

Well, the news from the negotiations isn't good. Nothing is happening and it seems there is a 'lack of respect' from both sides. This doesn't bode well for us fans. The chance that we will even have NHL hockey before the new year is getting slim. The idea of replacement players is being thrown around, but in all honesty -- that's not what we want. We want our stars.

The NHL has asked us to put our hearts into players as they have come up through the ranks fromt he time they are a youngster. We've invested time, money and emotion into young men that stood on NHL Draft podiums and put on a team's jersey for the first time.

No one can expect us to just show up and love a player they pull in from another league. We love the game, but we love the players more.



Tues, 10/2 7:34 am: Well, today would have been the first NHL hockey game ever played inat the Barclay's center in Brooklyn. But no. Not today. If you bought one of those shirts, put it on and play NHL on your game console. Just pretend.

It seems ESPN has found a way to get hockey back on their channel -- by making a deal with the KHL to broadcast games in the US. Nice going. Hope Buccigross speaks Russian.

Monday 10/1 11:10 pm: As you may have heard, there is about a 48-hour window before games of the regular season will be cancelled. It is said that in 2004, the NHL cancelled games in 30 day increments in order to give the arenas some time to book other entertainment. It looks as if we will loose all of October. What.a.surprise. That is basically what we have said all along.

But at least the two sides are talking.

The New York Islanders are not. Especially not about the Larry Brooks NY Post article. Although Randi Marshall did Tweet out that there doesn't seem to be any proof to the rumor. We'll see.

So here we are on Day 2. It's defense time. This was such a trip down memory lane in a lot of ways. If there are errors on this list for some of the older players, blame the Islanders Media Guide. That's how it's all nice and alphabetical! Chose seven players from this list. If you don't see someone on here that you think should be, DM me.

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