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Happy 4th Of July Isles Country & OMG ZACH! Update 7:53 pm

July 4, 2012, 12:24 PM ET [535 Comments]
Dee Karl
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7:53 pm: Are you enjoying your BBQ? Al Montoya, NY Islanders ex-back-up has signed a 1-year deal with the Jets for a cool (but not outlandish) $601,000. Good for Al. He's a decent goal-tender and good man.

4:30 pm: So, if you text a question and get no response I take it the correct journalistic way of conveying that to readers is "Could not be reached for comment."

Prior to reading that Zach Parise's deal was for a whopping 13 years and 12 million dollars per, I wondered if the Isles had made any inquiry at all to Zach's agent. It is now obvious that no matter what the Isles could have REASONABLY offered from the franchise would pale in comparison to what he received from the Wild.

The best line of the afternoon so far on Twitter was "I know Zach had to consult his fiance, I just didn't know it was Suter." The Wild and the State of Hockey have committed a ton of cash and time to two players. As one NJ Devils fan said to me... okay, a fellow blogger that I really like, so I should plug his work:
Chris Wassel‏@TheProgramBTR

@7thWoman happy he didn't resign here.....that knee is too much of a concern.

If Zach's knee is really a concern, this will be RDP all over agin.

12:54 pm: OMG! Zach Parise with the Minnesota Wild??? The end of an era and maybe the beginning of an error. I can't believe it even though in April someone I know asked me "Will you still root for Zach Parise when he's on the Wild?" I guess playing at "home" has huge benefits. I just still can't believe it!

Happy 4th #Isles Country on Twitpic
Today is the Fourth of July in the USA, a day we celebrate our independence. An independence earned through a willingness to give of our young men and women to the fight for freedom and democracy. A fight that still goes on today.

Today, and every day, we are grateful for their service and committment to their country.

There are 50 stars and 13 stripes on the US flag representing the 50 states and 13 colonies that made this country who we are.

There are 30 teams, 82 games and 23 roster spots that all make up who the NHL is. Currently there are only 17 active players on the NY Islanders roster. They need six more as of opening day (should there be one) in October. Who will they be?

With six spots open, and perhaps more should a certain forward be sent down, or a certain goalie not be quite healthy, are the Islanders finished finding pieces this summer? I think not.

While we wait on Zach Parise to announce where he'll play, we know it's not Uniondale.
While we wonder who wins the Bobby Ryan sweepstakes, we're guessing there isn't enough money in the world to entice him. (We have a bad track record with guys named Ryan, don't we? They backed a truck of cash up to the last Ryan's house and he made them turn around.)

Will all six only come out of camp? No. I don't think so. Oh, certainly a few will. Perhaps Calvin deHaan will finally get his shot. Maybe Casey Cizikas gets a one way ticket out of BPort, but there is not only room on the roster, but so much room for the cap.

The most famous fan arguement is that the Isles won't spend and enjoy being BELOW the cap floor. While I enjoy the bantar, they really can't be below the floor, so they know they have to spend. The biggest problem is finding those that will accept the money and fit the bill. That bill is that locker room that has been meticulously put together.

So while we wait -- have a hot dog. Have a burger. Thank a soldier and say a prayer for our freedom

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