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Deadline is Set

July 12, 2011, 8:58 AM ET [ Comments]
Paul McCann
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The deadline is now set, with the announcement of arbitration dates, one big one stands out. August 2, 2011 is the big one for Pred Nation. This is the one for Shea Weber. This is the arbitration that neither side wants, and quite frankly needs to be avoided.

The arbitration process can be a nasty one. The player showing all of the good things that he has done to drive a higher salary, the team presenting all the reasons why the player doesn’t deserve it. It’s not a process that builds trust and teams. It’s effective, but not something you want to go through.

So August 2nd is the date circled on many calendars at 501 Broadway. Deadlines certainly help negotiations, this should be no exception. Simply look to last week for proof. The deadline of the NHLPA’s arbitration hearing drove the team to get the six RFA’s involved taken care of. One traded, the other five signed, one rather large bullet dodged.

The price keeps going up with every crazy money contract given to a mid-level d-man like James Wisniewski, the price of an elite level d-man skyrockets. I keep hearing that the issue is more time than money and if so, that’s an easier one to get done prior to an August 2nd deadline.


Random Notes

- Coming up tomorrow, I will be hosting some of the Skate of the Union festivities at Bridgestone Arena during the day, Terry Crisp and I will be hosting the late afternoon activities and Pete Weber will be hosting a Q&A and the reveal of the new home jersey. There will be all kinds of activities on the arena plaza and inside the arena as well. Make plans to join us!

- EA Sports has a preview of NHL ’12 out. The release date is 9/13 and this looks like it has some cool features, including the much-discussed Winter Classic mode.

- It is now appearing that Matthew Hulsizer is stepping in to buy a piece of the St. Louis Blues. Could be a good match.

- Not trying to stir things up here, but… why are the Winnipeg Jets saying they will be a team that only spends to the cap floor? I thought a seventh team in Canada was going to increase the NHL’s revenues, cure the common cold and find a solution for the pesky climate problem. instead, at the floor they will get a piece of the revenue sharing. I’m just sayin’…


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