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Trigger Pulled, Let the GM’s Predictability Unfold..

April 19, 2024, 12:29 AM ET [685 Comments]
Brad Lohr
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Quick edit to the blog this Saturday morning. For the heck of it, my predictions for the first round -

Hurricanes vs. Islanders - Carolina in Five
Maple Leafs vs. Bruins - Bruins in Six
Tampa Bay vs. Florida - Florida is Six
New York vs. Washington - New York Sweep

Colorado vs. Winnipeg - Winnipeg in Seven
Nashville vs. Vancouver - Vancouver in Seven
Dallas vs. Vegas - Dallas in Six
Los Angeles vs. Edmonton - Edmonton in Five

It really isn’t pessimistic perception that I chuckled to myself as I drove around Pennsylvania for work the last few days. You have to admit that the redundant response from our radio media outlet and their callers can put you to sleep if you listen to it too long one show after another. Being behind the wheel, I had to make sure I didn’t nod off. As the news broke that our coach was fired, I thought to myself here we go. Although I was happy with the decision, I knew the type of statement that would be presented from the organizations’ leaders. This truly is a time of excitement to be sure, and I am not criticizing the enthusiasm from the fanbase whatsoever. I do however, feel that we are in a world where standardized rhetoric can be seen coming like a puck through the five-hole. The dead horse would be beaten, repetitive things would be said, I would make it home and reach out to you all with no significant cluelessness regarding the situation.

Make no mistake about it, Kevyn has painted himself into a corner and the Sabers nation should finally benefit from it. He had no choice but to preach the tone of no excuse but success next year. He had nowhere else to go. He fell on the proverbial sword to save his career for at least one more season. The squad that he assembled could have made the playoffs and he would have looked like a hero, but sometimes you roll the dice and you are perplexed at failure. The components have to be cohesive for long stretches to reach the postseason, things have to go your way. Unfortunately, our coaching and management group couldn’t change on the fly. This stagnant ineptitude from opening night to January 1st cost them dearly. Things happen for a reason.

We are in a time where there is teaching on how to conduct yourself at the podium. It is as important as the lessons that are being conveyed on the ice. Everything that is said can have some ambiguity, but you have to make sure that nobody’s feelings are hurt. You have to compliment before any shortcomings are put forth. Basically, a pat on the back, and then a soft kick in the butt. Mr. Adams grabbed the reins and guided our minds where he hoped they would go. While doing this he smothered himself with accountability and told us that the players needed it too. Strange word accountability. Isn’t this what we expected them to be preaching all along? So, our general manager gets one more redo and he tells us that he knows exactly what he is looking for. The rebuild is over, we are no longer a young team, winning is the only option. The room is not shattered. We will get someone behind the bench who can relate to the modern-day player, but also be tough on them in an old school way when it is time to force up tempo intensity. Where was this intuitive urgency to push this team into the playoffs before? I am not sure, but I am ecstatic that our unwavering leader had an epiphany. Exit interviews from our core guys followed our Pide Piper with their kid glove assessments. Rehearsal is now over boys and girls, full speed ahead. Every campaign is a lesson for the future. We will learn from our mistakes, full speed ahead.

Thanks to all involved for telling us that you are going to do it right this time. We will be waiting for you with open arms when you light the victory torch.

A little tongue in cheek, but I do believe that if the right bench boss is chosen, we can definitely break the drought. We have significant assets under contract and a cupboard full of prospects. If Kevyn makes the right moves, we could be a force. He has no choice but to do something drastic. There are not enough roster spots and he has to put together a package to upgrade our talent. We have waited this long. We have been patient. He has no choice. His legacy hangs in the balance.

On Don Granato. I would have to honestly say that I always liked him, but he had no answers and started to repeat himself when poor efforts at critical times were prevalent. He obviously knew the game and was articulate. Moving Tage to center was a move out of left field that went against the grain. Number 72 became a star and owes him a lot for thinking outside of the box. Getting UPL to play like a pro is a major accomplishment as well. He showed that he had faith in the netminder and the response was eye opening. In his first year, Zach Benson played hard for the man almost every night. Everyone liked Donnie, and it is becoming obvious that it might have been the problem. To nice of a guy. Cared too much and was a friend to everyone. It wasn’t all that bad, and the blame should not be all on his shoulders. He had an opportunity and came up short but the supporting cast didn’t do him any favors. His kindness probably was his downfall, and at times his soldiers took advantage of it.

Notes from hosing this season off of us -

It will be interesting to see how this whole thing gets reconstructed. The coaching search is bringing up the same names. Berube, Gallant, Rod the Bod, Torts, McLellan, Sullivan, etc., etc. Yes, people are actually talking about guys who are still with other teams. Let’s just throw gas on the fire and give it to Lindy already. He can do it, it would be a great story, the prophet is ready for his destiny on top of the throne to lead us to the promise land.

Seven points seems like a lot but go through the losses this year and there are many that are unacceptable against inferior opponents. I understand it is a grind, but as a professional athlete you need to stay composed.

When you watch Jack Quinn, you realize he is a difference maker. If he can stay healthy it will be interesting to see where his ceiling is.


Brad Lohr
Aka: Lumberhacks
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