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Wake Me Up When December Ends..

December 5, 2023, 12:51 AM ET [1783 Comments]
Brad Lohr
Buffalo Sabres Blogger • RSSArchiveCONTACT
Ok, you want me to write about stats and player movement? Who is in, and who is out? Who has the promise to stick with the big club? Who is better suited to gain confidence in Rochester? The bottom line is that I have been holding on to write a feel-good story. To pontificate about a few heroes that decided to grasp the reins, and knock the other riders off on the way to winning the Belmont on a sloppy course. Unfortunately, I have been given nothing. I have waited for a champion to rise above the daily routine. I have thought that professionalism would shine, and that the hockey gods would not punish us. I was wrong.

Kevyn, your contingency should give you the major stat that is correct. Unless there is an opponent that other people want to see, nobody wants to come to the home games. This is Western New York. This is a place you grew up in. Kiss your ring that Lord Stanley gave you in Carolina. The series was not deserved. If we were not injured, you would never have had a sniff. Time to be a local hero or give up your job. Your team is overmatched, or makes glaring mistakes to lose games every night. Season ticket holders (I might be one of them), couldn’t sell their seats for $40.00 each in the 100 section at center ice against Nashville. Cheaper to lose over $200.00 than to see your team have a two-goal deficit twenty minutes into the game. Definitely economically more beneficial to not pay the inflated concessions, and drive home wondering why the effort was made. We completely stink. The smell is worse than following your father into the bathroom after a holiday meal…

Pull my finger, you can hear the season Mr. Adams.

I hate this position that I am in. I thought that I would be championing your success as Christmas beckoned. What you have given us is incompetence. I wanted to write some happy stories and the prospect of hope. When I took this job, I thought that I was riding a wave of prosperity. What I was riding was the groove of acceptable mediocrity.

It would be great to show more highlights of glowing moments of the 2023-24 season, but there has been nothing really to show except poor starts and defensive lapses. I have consistently been correct in my assessments as to what we need, and who might be expendable. The passionate fans who make comments through my blogs have many negative opinions as well, but they are not far off. What is happening is not acceptable. It has been too long. A crappy holiday season for our team going into the new year is not the vibe anyone needs. You expect us to pay, and wave the flag, but you give nothing back when we need you the most. As far as I am concerned, I expected that my faith would carry us through, void of uninspired nights. I thought that when I needed you most I would see an effort of professionalism on a daily basis. Walls would be run through, noses might be broken, bruises on the thigh would be a badge of honor and courage. You have done nothing for your historically loyal fans, or the kids who need a reason to love you. Oooh, ahhh….. Sabres on a bad path…

We love you Sabres, oh yes we do…, We love you Sabres, except when you go through the motions to earn your paychecks. A nifty fifty for Rico (someone out there might remember the poster). He is looking down on you, and the tears are dripping from his mustache. Enough is enough. Number seven needs better, and so do we. I remember my dad surprising me with tickets for my birthday right before Christmas, and seeing him score four goals. Can anybody on this team provide that kind of moment? Our goalies? Consistency must be a dirty word. Getting a shutout is like winning the lottery.

I have made glowing statements about our bench leader because I realize that he has intelligence and knows how to speak. He is constantly innovative when it comes to articulating about the boys in blue and gold. It is getting old, but I want to reiterate that he has been surrounded by amateur coaches forced upon him. The puppeteers are still pulling the cords. There is not enough string depth to help the team dance. Managements roster arrogance has punished our fan base. Three games under five hundred in December is very familiar. Nothing has changed. Same old record, no new hits.

No notes from the manger or anywhere. I am not beholden to the man or anyone. I can say what I want. I represent you, and I know our team currently is horrible and has no heart. I am hurt, I am mad. I can’t understand how other teams can rebuild quicker than we can. My allegiance in management is certainly being challenged.

Game 26
Buffalo Sabres, 10-13-2, vs. Detroit Red Wings, 13-7-2
Tuesday, December 5th at 7:30 pm
Key Stink Center, Buffalo, NY

Losing is becoming familiar. Expectations should be higher.

Loved what Dylan Cozens said, but it is time to bring it...
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