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The Lonely End of the Rink. UPL Earns Starter Status Thwarting Rangers.

November 29, 2023, 6:40 PM ET [1688 Comments]
Brad Lohr
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I try for you all.

I try to be artistic in the quagmires of despair. Even the worst contractors do their best because they don’t want to disrespect themselves. Go figure. Against all odds, and looking at a hole that might get too deep to climb out of, our Sabres played a perfect game at Madison Square Garden against an opponent that has been playing lights out. Perhaps I got my shock and awe. Pristine passing, elite goaltending, grit, sandpaper, all of the cliches… As I have said many times before. Hockey can be an obscure game. The corral is an enclosed place where men can overcome negativity. It is a place where gladiators belittle impending doom and come out as heroes. I would have been the first guy to say our team had no chance in New York. I was calling out Tuch and the boys for an atrocious effort against New Jersey. Consistency is not a verb to be used when describing the entity of our team. We are young, our veterans need their tires inflated on a regular basis. We seem to be lacking the extra punch needed to succeed. But yet, they still hang on. Five hundred again. The core dug deep and played a flawless game. There is hope. A few decisions have been made in a positive direction. The “Butler”, who obviously played his keester off on the main stage against fans who pay $1000.00 a ticket, stays.. Thank god, this one didn’t fall through the cracks. We have a new number nine. He is feisty, he controls the puck, he can carry it over the blueline, he can make plays. He has arrived for the show. We actually hit in the middle of the draft. It hasn’t happened in quite a long time. Pastrnak anybody? Grigorenko? Ugh.

Back to the lonely end of the rink. Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, or as I call him Ookie Pookie Lookie, because I have to constantly look up the spelling of his name, has earned the right to be the starting keeper for the time being. The three headed monster has been finally extinguished as Devon Levi has been sent to the Roch. Somebody has to get the time to prove themselves. UPL has shown determination in his efforts. If was either him or blue jeans.. Comrie will not be in the equation after this year. The big guy has obviously worked on his game and has put in the time. Give him a chance. Oh jesus.. Save me. Back to my inner Garth. Calling on Gord. He is in a better place. I truly believe that. Give me a cup and witnessing it with my family and friends, and maybe I will change my mind. Confidence is overrated. Instinct and perseverance is what astonishes us. Ed Belfour once offered a cab driver millions, but if he was jabbed in the face you better watch out. I want that guy.

The Kane train has passed us by, but the Quinn grin might be on the horizon. Plenty of opportunities still out there to fortify our squad. This month will tell the tale. If Benson’s mom isn’t too much of a catch, perhaps we should sign Perry? (lol), Had to go there.

Game 23
Buffalo Sabres, 10-10-2, vs. St. Louis Blues, 11-9-1
Thursday, November 30 at 8:00 pm
Enterprise Center, St. Louis, MO

Tough every other day schedule coming up. Hopefully we are ready for the task. Five games from tomorrow till next Thursday. Need at least seven points. Have to ring in the new year on the positive side to have a chance…

Notes from watching my neighbor shoveling his steps and me deciding that it will melt….

If you have been reading my stuff that I have posted even before I was given the job by Ek, you will know that I was always a Sam Reinhart fan. The sport can be played with different facets of skill. The key ingredient is the heart of a Lion. If you don’t have speed, then you better know how to protect the biscuit and be fearless going to the net. I know we got a great goaltending prospect and Kulich, but we messed up on this one. The red head shadowed this guy and he was unable to shine. Regardless of what I know or not, he always seemed to be modest and composed. Fifteen goals this year by the way. He can play center and wing. He goes into the dirty areas. Isn’t that what everybody is clamoring for?

Team fortitude and chemistry can change quickly in this league. Players change organizations and produce. The Canucks were written off last year and fans wanted to trade everybody. Boeser leads the league with tallies at 17, J.T. Miller is on top with 35 points, they have three out of the four producing helper guys carrying the torch. Tony Tanti and Stan Smyl eat your heart out…

Lastly, I want to let the youthful Sabre fans that it was not long ago that we almost made it to the top. If you are fortunate enough to be in the moment if it happens again, please enjoy the ride. We had one of the best announcers to ever call a game with Rick, but I also want to give you some Bob Cole. Riding shotgun with him was Harry Neale who became one of ours. Dixon Ward was like Reinhart. A poor man’s Luc Robitaille. He had some hands and a backhand though. Every guy in your locker room has a skill set. People who want to be challenged can rise to the occasion. Go Sabres. Shout out to Dixon.

More Bob Cole -

If Rasmus and Owen can play like they did against the Rangers good things will come.

Thanks –

Brad Lohr
Aka: Lumberhacks
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