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Heroes and Clowns.. Feel Good Moment Against Pittsburgh Goes the Devils Way

November 26, 2023, 5:32 PM ET [1201 Comments]
Brad Lohr
Buffalo Sabres Blogger • RSSArchiveCONTACT
It’s been four games since I posted. I understand that not checking in with the Sabres contingency sooner is my bad. To be honest however, we are talking about the following games. Chicago, Washington, Pittsburgh, and New Jersey. There is nothing sparkling in my soul about any of these contests except the rendition of the “win this for the Gipper” third period against the Penguins. Even with that moral victory, there was some disturbing voids of concentration. Adding on to that, when is it ok to let Letang sucker punch Krebs with no retaliation whatsoever? It is simply unacceptable. It is Thanksgiving weekend in front of the hometown fans. The game should have not come down to digging deep with a run through the wall speech in the locker room after the second frame being down three to zip. I understand that our best player is injured, but where are the deficiencies after that? It was a hard-fought point against Washington who had been playing well, but the collapse at the end of the game was deplorable. Our overall team defense is mediocre at best. Our two blueline studs who just got paid eat a lot of time, but don’t get physical when it counts. Are they too young to lead? Shouldn’t Dahlin be considered seasoned enough at this point.

On to New Jersey after Alex Tuch and his feel good moment being interviewed on National Television. He should be embarrassed and hide behind that mustache that he was proud to be complimented on. We were outshot where Jimmy Hoffa is buried 38 to 12. We were outhit 34 to 9. Apparently, they had 12 turnovers to our 0, and we supposedly blocked 19 shots to their 9. We got destroyed and everyone in Western New York stopped watching after an abysmal twenty minutes. Can we win a few games in a row? Can we get punched in the mouth and carry it on to the next tilt with vengeance? This hovering around five hundred is getting old and it is very familiar. How can all of these teams around us rebuild quicker than we can, or do wholesale changes to stay on top? There is something wrong here and it needs to be fixed. I have loved this team from its inception and this is starting to hurt. I am getting nervous. If you build it right, we will come. Our fanbase will be chomping at the bit with a contender who competes every night. The building would be full. Management and players, don’t expect loyalty when your butt is on top of your hands. Look at the standings, it is ten years of déjà vu. I think our head coach is great, but our assistants are lacking, and don’t have the fire. Kevin, give Granato some depth that he can work with. Get a skilled, seasoned guy in here, and give up some assets or draft capital. Pull your head out of the sand, the need is so glaring. We are dressing seven defenders at times, does that not tell you something? Trade Samuelsson or Jokiharju. If what you are getting in return is monumental, then go even bigger. This mediocrity needs to be shaken up. Give me some George Bush Jr. shock and awe. Find us a weapon of mass destruction. Why is Detroit getting it done and we aren’t? I know we are hanging in there, but it just is not entertaining. Somebody needs a mouth full of chicklets, start doing it to other people instead of ourselves.

Let’s stop being a bunch of clowns. Let’s stop throwing out rhetorical statements and actually gamble a little bit. I was absent this week because I went to New York to visit my son for the holiday. I promise to step it up during this crucial part of the season. I hope to be writing about glory, instead of this sad story..

Homie, this one is for you. I am not sure if he is a friend or foe, but we have to limit our cherished logo from becoming just a circus act for eternity. I do not want to “Grimace” watching my favorite team anymore.

Notes from the penalty box –

Zach Benson is not the problem. I have been banging the drum ever since I saw him compete amongst his fellow prospects. Watching him at the pro level, it is easy to see that he gives an effort in all areas of the ice. He keeps his legs moving and has the ability to stop and start with vision. This kid is going to only get better and you can see that he understands the game. He plays it with determination. You know I have to post this highlight. How many guys have a first goal in the show like this? Congratulations Butler. Your talent would be wasted in the juniors. This defines nasty..

To Victor Olofsson, thanks for giving it what you can the last handful of games. You deserve a shout out for competing hard, and being counted on because of a depleted lineup. My opinion on your future here has not changed, but I appreciate the professional approach you have taken when called upon. Hockey is a strange game, some teams can win no matter who is rolled out there. A organization like the Bruins can lose two top players, and insert new guys in and get them to perform. The few core guys just need to stay vicious. They have to be feared. The surrounding parts are interchangeable. Take note Mr. Adams. Find the dude who is still willing to drag their hockey equipment in the snow to the rink like they did when they were a kid.

“Calling all cars, skilled veteran leadership needed.” Is it going to take us having to project our crest in the sky over the city at night to get some help? Jim Lorentz was the batman, but our leadership needs to find another superman.

Lastly, enough with the three goaltenders. Put Comrie on waivers or send Levi down to Rochester for a while. Somebody needs to get more time in net even after a bad game. You have to let one of your keepers get into a groove.

Next up the New York Rangers. Good luck keeping pace. They are on a tear.
We are treading water and need to string some wins together. It does not get any easier.

Game 22
Buffalo Sabres, 9-10-2, vs. New York Rangers, 15-3-1
Monday, November 27 at 7:00 pm
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Thanks again everyone. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the Bills against the Eagles. A must win game with our backs against the wall. It takes resiliency to be a Buffalo sports fan.

Brad Lohr
Aka: Lumberhacks
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