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23 Jets Questions ahead of 2023: Results

September 12, 2022, 8:39 PM ET [10 Comments]
Jacob Billington
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A few days ago I asked you all 23 Jets questions headed into 2023. You gave me your answers, so I took the most common, or average answer given.

On top of that, I also give you my answers. I hope you all enjoy!

1. Will the Winnipeg Jets make the playoffs in 2022-23?

Your Answer: 50/50 on Yes and No

My answer: I think the Jets will be on the outside looking in come the end of the season. I see another season where they are battling in the final 10 games, and it will be close. I won't be surprised if they make it though, as I see the Jets and the Predators battling for the 3rd spot in the Central, with 5 teams from the Pacific making the cut.

2. Is Rick Bowness going to be a positive, or negative asset to the organization?

Your answer: Positive

My answer: I believe Rick Bowness might be exactly what the team needs. Sure, there were some struggles in Dallas, and most people were hoping to land Trotz, but they both carry similar positive attributes for the Jets team. They are new faces, and don't have any pre-determined bias on the players. Bowness will come up with the best roster he can with the players he has, and can certainly be given the chance to thrive. A new look is good. This is a positive move.

3. Does Pierre-Luc Dubois remain a Jet until at least the off-season?

Your answer: Yes

My answer: I think Pierre-Luc Dubois stays a Jet until the off-season, at the very least. Rexypoo had a very similar answer to mine, where they said that if the team isn't achieving much around the 25 game mark, he will be gone. I think that the Jets do stay competitive all year, and Dubois stays for it.

4. Can Kyle Connor repeat, or even improve on his success from last season?

Your answer: Yes, he can repeat, if not, he will improve.

My answer: Kyle Connor is very consistent. I think he is an easy bet for 40 goals, and rack up the points, too. He will have Dubois as his center, and either Perfetti or Wheeler as the RW, which puts him in a better offensive position than Svechnikov on the other wing. Though it worked well as a line, a more offensive RW will do good things for that line. He will repeat, or improve.

5. Do we see a core change in the leadership group of the players? (Scheifele, Wheeler, Morrissey)

Your answer: No.

My answer: No. Management have been too frequent at letting the core stick around. This is who they believe the core is. While there is opportunity for these players to lead the way, news reports suggest otherwise from inside the locker room. It will be interesting to see what happens with a new coach, but today, I say no.

6. What player takes the biggest jump in production this year?

Your answer: Cole Perfetti, and Nikolaj Ehlers was close.

My answer: I am choosing to leave Cole Perfetti off, as his production will certainly jump provided he is healthy. I really like the Ehlers pick, but I am going to go off the board a little bit and say Morgan Barron. He looked really good in Winnipeg, and has the potential to be on a good line, but that line will end up being very defensive, or spark some offense. No in between. But I do think Barron takes a big step this year.

7. What player takes the biggest step back this year?

Your answer: Blake Wheeler.

My answer: Blake Wheeler. He has been just under the point-per-game mark for the last 3 seasons, but I think he goes down to about a 65 point/82 game pace. He still has lots of offensive skill, but he is visbaly slowing down, and may not thrive under Bowness as some other players. That being said, I look at Joe Pavelski under Bowness, and that worked really well. Could we see a Robertson-Hintz-Pavelski version in Winnipeg with Connor-Dubois-Wheeler? I sure think so.

8. Will Connor Hellebuyck and Dave Rittich combine for a Save Percentage greater than 0.913?

Your answer: Yes

My answer: Yes. I think Dave Rittich is capable of bouncing back from a few down years, and Hellebuyck is almost a lock for a stat higher than that. The JEts have a lot of capable defenseman, whether the fit is right or not, they do have 7-9 NHL defenseman ready to go. They should have a better year.

9. Rank these defenseman by games player, most to least. (Stanley, Heinola, Samberg, Chisholm, Kovacevic, Gawanke)

Your answer: 1st was worth 6 points, last was worth one, based on your lists:

Stanley - 43
Samberg - 41
Heinola - 33
Chisholm - 21
Kovacevic - 19
Gawanke - 11

My answer:


10. Will the Jets choose a direction, and be buyers, or sellers at the Trade Deadline, or continue to stay in the middle road?

Your answer: Stay neutral/Middle of the Road

My answer: I think the Jets will be a little bit of both. I believe they will be close enough to the playoff race that they don't commit to selling some key pieces, but may use the deadline to re-tool a bit. Moving the likes of Dylan DeMelo or a couple mid-tier prospects, within that value range, and try and get a combination of pieces to fill the roster as well as accumulate the picks. It's a tough one to judge.

11. Who, if any, are the first Jets defenseman to get moved?

Your answer: Brendan Dillon

My answer: Nate Schmidt. My first point will be, none of the defenseman are a problem in the organization. I think Dillon was fine, and even worth the 2, 2nd round picks, but the fit just isn't there with this group. Schmidt comes in with a high price tag, and is being used on the 3rd pair, which he was also fine in, but that is an easily replaceable position to fill internally. I don't think Schmidt is worth paying assets to move, but it may be what it takes in this market, despite him still being an effective player.

12. What rookie(s) will play 10 or more games this season?

Your answer: Cole Perfetti, Samberg, Heinola

My answer: Cole Perfetti is a lock for this, no explanation needed. Dylan Samberg earned his right to this at the end of last year, and should find room in the lineup at some point. I am not convinced Heinola gets in for 10 games, as I think Samberg is ahead, and it is unlikely both get a slot in the lineup.

13. Who finishes the season with the most points on the Jets?

Your answer: Mark Scheifele

My answer: I think Kyle Connor takes over this title from Mark Scheifele. Connor and DUbois were fantastic together, and adding in a more offensively capable RW on that line will do some great things.

14. Rank these players by trade value. (Hellebuyck, Connor, Ehlers, Scheifele, Dubois, Morrissey)

Your answer:
1. Kyle Connor
2. Mark Scheifele
3. Pierre-Luc Dubois
4. Connor Hellebuyck
5. Nikolaj Ehlers
6. Josh Morrissey

My answer:
1. Kyle Connor
2. Connor Hellebuyck
3. Nikolaj Ehlers
4. Mark Scheifele
5. Pierre-Luc Dubois
6. Josh Morrissey

15. Who are your "untouchables" in the Jets organization?

Your answer: Connor, Ehlers, Perfetti

My answer: Connor, Ehlers, Perfetti

16. Are their any players you would currently pay assets to move on from?

Your answer: Nate Schmidt

My answer: I am hesitant to say Nate Schmidt, but I think the Jets should move on, and it may cost to move him, I am really close on this one. I was also very surprised by the amount of Blake Wheeler votes. He is still quite productive, and would certainly bring at least some assets back, especially with some salary retention.

17. If the Jets committed to a full rebuild, trading everybody with value like we have seen the Senators do, would you have more confidence in the management group?

Your answer: No

My answer: Yes. It would be a sign of a direction the team commits to. I am quite surprised your consensus answer was No, as the one thing I hear most is that the team needs to commit to a direction. I would really like to hear some elaboration in the comments for this one.

18. How can the management group win your trust back?

Your answer: Choose a direction.

My asnswer: I completely agree. Which is why I am mostly surprised about question 17. As long as the Jets commit to any direction, I will be satisfied.

19. Where does Kevin Cheveldayoff rank among you GM rankings?

Your answer: Middle of the pack.

My asnswer: This is so hard. Recency bias hold him a lot lower, but over his tenure he has done some really good things. I would likely place him around 12-15. His trades are good, his drafting has been good, but nothing has been great, until it comes to contracts. He has done great with that. You have to account for the limited amount of players wanting to play in Canada, let along Winnipeg, as well as how strapped he can be by ownership at times.

20. What could be your 1 saving grace for hope in this season?

Your answer: All different, which is good.

My answer: Again, choice of direction. Whether the team finishes first or last, or anywhere in between, my confidence will be gained back most with a direction.

21. What is your prediction for the team's record after the full season?

Your answer: 42-32-8 was the average of your answers.

My answer (prediction): 44-35-3

22. Who wins the "Jets Awards" for this year? (Hart, Art Ross, Vezina etc,)

Your answer:
Hart: Kyle Connor
Art Ross: Mark Scheifele
Vezina: Connor Hellebuyck
Calder: Cole Perfetti

My answer: The exact same, replacing Kyle Connor for the Art Ross.

23. Despite the lack of team direction, is that deterring you from buying tickets?

Your answer: No, but it was a close one.

My answer: No, me living in Nova Scotia is the deterrant for that one. Though, from a fan perspective, let's assume I do not cover the team and live in Winnipeg, I would still go to my team's games.

Thank you all for participating in this. This was a lot of fun, and maybe we will re-visit this come mid-season.
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