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Avs Scored OT Goal With Too Many Men on the Ice. NHL Problem? Thur's Buzz

June 23, 2022, 12:30 PM ET [123 Comments]
Quick hit to start today…

Rumor Chart and rumors to follow…

The Kadri goal last night in OT that gave the AVs a 3-1 series lead occurred with too many players on the ice…The NHL released a statement that the play was not reviewable…


I’ve written plenty of times that the NHL goal review situation is ridiculous. The idea that a coach has to risk a penalty AFTER his team has just given up a goal that is questionable is flat out awful.

Add to that the fact that we have this list of things that are and aren’t reviewable and you have an embarrassing situation that continues to propagate for NO GOOD REASON.

The solution is honestly so obvious in its simplicity that it baffles the mind…

The NHL needs to review ALL goals that are questionable. No coaches challenges, and/or delay of game penalties to get it right.

Also…what is reviewable should be simple and based on two questions.

#1. Is the call subjective or objective?
If a call is based on an opinion, the goal is not reviewable.

#2. If we have a replay that clearly shows a non judgment call was missed, that should be reviewable.

I don’t understand why the NHL wants to continue to be behind the other leagues out there when it comes to “getting it right.” This is being even more amplified by the fact they are on ESPN.

What say you?

Thanks to @BenRossTweets for the image..
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