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Buying a VR Headset May Be Worth It; Thur's Buzz w/ John Shannon

May 27, 2020, 12:31 PM ET [23 Comments]
There are more than a few things left to be negotiated, but the NHL is hard at work trying to find a way to make these games more exciting for the fans.

There will be several new ways to bring their product to the people, there to be some serious Virtual Reality available to the public with Oculus Headsets that will put you "in the arena" in a way that may make it worth it to get out there and purchase an Oculus headset.

My business is NOT selling products, but heading into a hockey, football, baseball, and sports season where going to games is increasingly dangerous (if you are even allowed to attend live events) I believe that virtual reality headsets are going to be selling out everywhere as these leagues release the new and exciting ways they plan on delivering their products.

And these devices are just cool.

I have watched NBA games in full 360 at courtside, soccer games from behind the goal, and more...its awesome and EVERYONE I have showed this to agrees.

The NHL hinted to this in the media call, and they have dabbled in VR previously....but Corona Virus is sure to make this the hottest thing to buy really soon...So see this as a public service announcement, and I also welcome ANY and all opinions on VR headsets in sports. I have owned all 4 options below and #2 and #3 are my choices for anyone out there...

For those unfamiliar to this technology there are various price points. Below I have listed links to these products on amazon (and hockeybuzz has an affiliate program that we've never used before) but I also recommend shopping Best Buy, eBay and/or craigslist. These Amazon prices are competitive, and you can purchase used on Amazon...The local Best Buy here is already sold out of all these...I just highly recommend getting one while you can

Cheapest to most expensive...

#1 Google Cardboard, or various Headsets where you phone slides in....
These are very reasonable and not terrible when it comes to quality....The resolution has to do with your phone's quality, and a downside of this method is that you obviously can't use your phone while you are viewing something...

Shop Cheap VR Solution

#2 Oculus Go.
This is the cheapest entry into true standalone VR. A really good product with a ton of quality games...

Shop Oculus Go Here

#3 Oculus Quest.
For about $400 you can really get a great experience. It is a stand-alone unit Pricey enough to definitely not be for everyone, but the best solution for watching sports and really cool two-handed games. Fantastic toy for quarantine. You can escape to cool immersive worlds and relax. Or you can fight demons or dragons or just get fun indoor safe exercise.

Shop Oculus QUEST Here

#4 Oculus Rift.
The quality is the best there is, but not so much better that it justifies the expense. This also requires a serious computer. around $2000 with the kind of computer you will need.

Shop Oculus Rift Here

What are your thoughts?

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