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The Worst Thing About Every NHL Team - Part 2

August 14, 2019, 1:24 PM ET [53 Comments]
Sean Maloughney
Edmonton Oilers Blogger • RSSArchiveCONTACT
So far ten fan-bases have seen the error of their ways and understand how horrible their teams are. Without wasting any more time, let's insult the rest of you.

Detroit Red Wings: For the Zetterberg's and the Datsyuk's the Red Wings have signed, they have also had some of the worst players in the league. Sean Avery, Kronwall, Hatcher... the Wings have resorted to bringing in some of the biggest goons in league history onto their roster. I suppose it's natural coming from a city like Detroit (probably my last shot at a city).

Edmonton Oilers:
There are one or two things that could be called out against the Edmonton Oilers. Aside from the pathetic management decisions, botched trades, robbing this team of a long playoff window...there are far more egregious things to call out against the Edmonton Oilers.

Like these new third jerseys

It could be the dark blue logo on the same dark blue or the orange stripes that look out of place....but mainly it is because the Edmonton Oilers are not bringing back the best jersey in team history.

Florida Panthers:
Is there a point making a joke about the Panthers when three fans might read it?

Los Angeles Kings: It has taken a long time but the NHL is slowly getting back to a faster paced, skill game from the bogged down hit-fest that it was for years. One of the biggest culprits for making this type of hockey mainstream were the LA Kings. Their slow, plodding, and anti-offense style of hockey was a recipe for Cup success but was also unbelievably boring to watch.

Minnesota Wild: I have nothing bad to say about the Minnesota Wild as their head office is brilliant and clearly is going to put the right people in charge. I hear Peter Chiarelli is one of the potential candidates for GM. That is the kind of move that a “with the times” organization would make.

Montreal Canadiens: Je suppose que la seule raison pour laquelle vous lirez ceci est que je l’ai écrit en français. "Etre franophone ne devrait pas être la priorité lorsque vous essayez d'ajouter des joueurs, des entraîneurs, des dirigeants à votre organisation.

Nashville Predators:
For turning into the San Jose Sharks. The Preds are becoming the new “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” of the NHL. Over the past five seasons, Nashville has always been in the conversation as a Stanley Cup favourite, but aside from once in 2016/2017 has not made it out of the 2nd round. Especially now that you sold P.K. Subban for pennies, the window looks to have closed for the Preds.

New Jersey Devils: I’m still mad at what you did. To make matters worse, on top of doing that thing I am still mad about, you have also now actually put together a solid reason to convince him to sign an extension.

New York Islanders: Would it have killed you to have offer sheeted Matthews or Marner, in retaliation for losing Tavares to the Leafs, to give us bloggers all gold to write for awhile?

New York Rangers: For doing rebuilds wrong. Rebuilding your organization within two years?!
Everyone clearly knows the proper way to rebuild is a perpetual unending cycle of trading away players while failing to address holes in the roster. You haven’t even gotten a single first overall pick!!
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