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The RFA War STILL Isn't Beginning. Going to be a Long Summer...Marner.

July 15, 2019, 12:14 PM ET [94 Comments]
Amazing to all concerned how everyone is still waiting for everyone to move on these RFA's. Many thought Aho's signing may start it all, but that is still largely being viewed as an "anomaly" due to the offer sheet. Other GMs are not willing to let offer sheets set the price, even though the Aho contract was viewed as a great deal for the Canes.

Among the big RFA's, and there are plenty, there is not a feeling that ANY are close to done...and the longer this goes the offer sheet and holdouts become inevitable...and yes trades.

One source predicts at least 6 of the RFAs will not be signed by puck drop...but the way things are going that number could be way higher.

On the Marner front...

The Leafs are getting frustrated...among all the teams with RFAs none did more to their core to free up the money needed to get this done...I continue to hear they have set internal deadlines...which could lead to trade talks by the end of the month...They simply have too many holes to fill and too much uncertainty...a very short deal is being rumored, but as a last resort.

On Provorov...
Nothing...and the Flyers are just sitting back and waiting for other key d-men to set the market.
More to come.
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