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PLUS/MINUS: Hey It's Late August and We're Doing Our Best!!

August 25, 2019, 12:47 PM ET [3 Comments]
James Tanner
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It's the year 2045 and the head-in-a-jar that used to be Pierre McGuire still knows where you went to high-school, he's still explaining basic rules of the sport to professional female players, and he's still using plus/minus.

MINUS: I haven't heard a peep out of the Coyotes for weeks. Is this the team they're taking into the season? I hope not.

PLUS: At one point this summer, the Leafs made moves four days in a row. That is how you entertain your fans in the summer.

MINUS: The NHL best position lists. I understand that all lists of this nature will be controversial, but these are just bad. On the Wings list, Mark Stone was listed 11th, even though that might be too low for his ranking if you ignored positions and did the entire league.

Fredrick Andersen not in the ten goalies? OK.

PLUS: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Just for being a movie that wasn't sequel or a superhero movie, this gets points. I would have liked to know more about the era of the movie going in, and at three hours I was a little bored during some of the ten+ scenes, but I have also kept thinking about it since I saw it.

It's not Tarantino's best move (Jackie Brown) but I definitely want to see it again.

PLUS: The day Connor McDavid demands a trade.

MINUS: I still can't believe the Oilers went Holland/Tippett. How can anyone who is actually in a position to make these decisions be so ignorant to the way in which the NHL is going?

The Red Wings have the worst salary cap situation in the NHL, the worst prospect list, and a they haven't made the playoffs in three years. They were good with a team that was built pre-cap, and during the years when everyone was just figuring out how to operate under one.

Hiring Ken Holland would be like finding out who ran Random House in the 80's and asking them to make you big bucks in today's book industry.

He has done nothing so far in Edmonton to inspire confidence.

MINUS: Back before I wrote about hockey, I enjoyed following other sports too. But if the other day I realized that the Raptors won a championship and I still couldn't name half their roster, while the Blue Jays have a new pitcher I've never heard of every time I turn on the the TV.

But the way I knew for sure I'd lost track of other sports is when someone asked who they should take with their #1 pick in the NFL draft and I'd never even heard of the options.

I do miss rushing to the store Sunday morning to make 32 Pro-Lines before 1PM but I can't even remember the last time I watched a football game.

PLUS: the show Lady Dynamite - it's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen.

PLUS: Pancakes with Blueberries.

MINUS: I can't figure out how the Blue Jays seem to have the coolest and best young roster in the MLB, and yet everyone hates the guys who put it together. Group Think get's a little scary sometimes, and it's like the entire city here has teamed up to HATE the current GM, even though he seems alright to me.

Like, Marcus Stroman is - at best - a middle of the rotation guy, he barely strikes anyone out and he has the lovable personality of a James Woods or a Sting. What did you think this guy was gonna bring back?

PLUS: Got to say, I really do love Sting. At least in Police form.
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