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Forums :: Blog World :: Ben Shelley: Kings sign Warren Foegele and Joel Edmundson, extend Lewis and Copley
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Ben Shelley
Los Angeles Kings
Location: ON
Joined: 04.09.2020

Jul 2 @ 2:54 PM ET
Ben Shelley: Kings sign Warren Foegele and Joel Edmundson, extend Lewis and Copley
Joined: 11.10.2015

Jul 2 @ 5:38 PM ET
I would've rather re-signed Arvidsson and brought back Martinez.
Los Angeles Kings
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Joined: 12.28.2006

Jul 3 @ 11:10 PM ET
kinda weird not to mention adding Brandt Clarke, Alex Turcotte and Akil Thomas to the lineup when talking about replacing Arvidsson, Roy and Lizotte. now sure, they may not be better immediately, but they definitely have a much higher ceiling than the guys lost.
Los Angeles Kings
Location: If its Brown flush it down!, CA
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Jul 4 @ 6:23 PM ET
If the Kings’ young players are ever going to have the opportunity to make a case for themselves it’s NOW. I cannot remember a segment of years where young players would be so protected. They have valid toughness to protect them on the ice and that is invaluable. They will have the freedom to play their game!
Los Angeles Kings
Location: La Verne, CA
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Jul 11 @ 4:30 PM ET
Englund had over 100 more hits than Edmundson and I think 10 more fights than Edmundson also. And pretty much the same the season before. He also stays healthy and is younger. So why go after Edmundson when they already had a better younger cheaper version of him in Englund? The Foegle signing is good to help the bottom 6, but sadly there are already talks of him possibly playing in the top 6. This team is not better than last year.