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Jul 1 @ 1:04 PM ET
Sens Sign a Few... Perron, Amadeiro,
Uncle Vanya
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Jul 1 @ 1:07 PM ET
Not a contending team.
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Jul 1 @ 1:08 PM ET
Not a contending team.
- Uncle Vanya

not a playoff team, and soon a Brady less team.
Chicago Blackhawks
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Jul 1 @ 1:09 PM ET
Since when is 2 a few? I thought 2 is a couple.
Edmonton Oilers
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Jul 1 @ 1:10 PM ET
Who is Amadeiro?
Colorado Avalanche
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Jul 1 @ 1:11 PM ET
Not a contending team.
- Uncle Vanya

That's going to change now that they have Amadeiro.
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Jul 1 @ 1:16 PM ET
This team could have the best 6th line in the league
Detroit Red Wings
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Jul 1 @ 1:16 PM ET
Who is Amadeiro?
- HockeyBuzzed

A few means two and Amadeiro was the Conn Smythe winner last year.
Welcome to Eklunds imagination
Boston Bruins
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Jul 1 @ 9:13 PM ET
Rumor theif