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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Tanev's rights to Toronto
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Location: Brampton
Joined: 08.09.2006

Jun 29 @ 3:35 PM ET
Tanev's rights to Toronto The really want him.
Pittsburgh Penguins
Location: Clackety Clack
Joined: 02.09.2015

Jun 29 @ 4:26 PM ET
Rielly is better now. Muzzin was at least as good when he first came over. Brodie probably was too. Tanev is a 2nd pairing defensive specialist. Can play in the top pairing, but isn't going to drive play like a versatile top damn. Pesce is better as well IMO.
Calgary Flames
Location: K town
Joined: 09.02.2014

Jun 29 @ 5:06 PM ET
He’ll sign with the Canucks.
Montreal Canadiens
Location: Not in town, QC
Joined: 09.05.2006

Jun 29 @ 5:59 PM ET
Tanev at almost 35y is the best D available? That ain’t good. Toronto is about to overpay long term. Ouch
New York Islanders
Location: Smithtown , NY
Joined: 04.10.2016

Jun 29 @ 6:08 PM ET
Gotta be the most overrated player in the league. Give me a break
Toronto Maple Leafs
Location: Red Deer, AB
Joined: 07.14.2010

Jun 29 @ 6:47 PM ET
Tanev is good but yea he is a good second pair. Reilly to be honest is a good second pair. We don’t have a #1 and probably won’t. We need a number one and a goalie and shore up the forwards. Not happening. Doomed to midiocrity! But, I will wait and see. Leafs need to be aggressive to change their fate, and they are not aggressive. They are happy to make playoffs and roll the dice.
Toronto Maple Leafs
Location: Red Deer, AB
Joined: 07.14.2010

Jun 29 @ 6:56 PM ET
I’d be happy ish woth:

Reilly Tanev
McCabe Zadorov
Benoit Timmins

I think Timmins has lots more to bring. Add Edmonston to that list as well.

Joined: 09.24.2013

Jun 30 @ 12:14 PM ET
Great move. $4M is a steal for 2-3 years, then he retires and the cap hit is wiped clean
Toronto Maple Leafs
Location: AB
Joined: 01.12.2011

Jun 30 @ 2:28 PM ET
Leaf's sign Domi 4x3.75