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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Flyers continue to try and trade up...
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Jun 28 @ 7:43 PM ET
Flyers continue to try and trade up... Hearing it is heating up big time. They have a player they love that is still on the board...
New York Islanders
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Jun 28 @ 8:15 PM ET
How many times do we have to hear it?

FlyerBuzz 🙄
Location: NJ
Joined: 11.20.2017

Jun 28 @ 8:17 PM ET
I hear this BS at every draft! They never do it!
Edmonton Oilers
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Jun 28 @ 8:51 PM ET
Briere just said they explored some ideas and did some due diligence...but they were never actually close to moving up. Instead they moved down.
landros 2
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Philadelphia Flyers
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Jun 28 @ 9:30 PM ET
Too bad he didn’t trade 3 1rst round picks….with wasting the there 1rst rnd pick. Like they just did.
Philadelphia Flyers
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Jun 28 @ 11:37 PM ET
I hear this BS at every draft! They never do it!

Exactly. It's nothing more than a sales pitch.

Rinse. Repeat.
Joined: 09.21.2020

Jun 29 @ 6:46 AM ET
Disappointing. Kind of goes to show how other teams view our players....nobody wants them.
Stayin alive
Joined: 06.10.2021

Jun 29 @ 10:05 AM ET
Give it up. They have no clue what the fuq they are doing