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Forums :: Free Agency Tracker :: Suter Being Bought Out.....Again
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Jun 27 @ 10:21 AM ET
Suter Being Bought Out.....Again Sportsnet's Jeff Marek is reporting that Dallas is buying out the last year of Ryan Suter's contract.
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Jun 27 @ 11:23 AM ET
Has any NHL dman ever played more and been less memorable than Suter? Good player, but never excelled at any one aspect other than TOI. He and Weber were a great pairing many years ago. Probably time for Suter to retire.
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Jun 27 @ 12:00 PM ET
Jim Nill

GM of the year... twice... somehow
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Jun 27 @ 12:22 PM ET
Wow, thats a tad surprising. Was he really that bad?
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Jun 27 @ 1:08 PM ET
Wow, thats a tad surprising. Was he really that bad?
- hockeyaddict89

Yeah he was but, unless they really need the space, cap hit wasn't crazy.
Adam French
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Jun 27 @ 1:48 PM ET
All them darts boy.
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Jun 27 @ 2:08 PM ET
He should of been bought out after last year, he is the reason the Stars lost to the Oilers in the conference finals. I watched every game the Stars played and he was at least a step behing and he pass the puck to more Oilers than his Stars teamates1